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Cheap Majorca Holidays

Majorca holidays are very popular, especially in the summer. Make sure you don't miss out on any of the activities with our in-depth travel guide covering everything from the major attractions to the best places to eat and shop. You can also view our cheap Majorca holidays guide for information on when the best time is to book a low cost holiday.

Majorca Introduction

Majorca, the largest of the Balearic islands, lies in the Mediterranean Sea off the south east coast of mainland Spain. With white sandy beaches and warm blue sea, Majorca is the ideal destination for those wanting a lively fun packed holiday in beautiful Mediterranean surroundings.

Why Go To Majorca?

Majorca offers a typical Mediterranean climate of hot summers and mild winters. Although the capital city of Palma is very much a tourist mecca, with shops, markets and numerous restaurants and bars, the inland towns have retained their rustic charm and unique culture. The countryside is at its best in spring and early summer when the almond trees blossom and lemons and oranges are in plentiful supply. The resorts on Majorca vary greatly from the clubbing towns with their emphasis on young people, through to the quieter family areas. The lively pace of Magaluf and Palma are contrasted with the quieter resorts which combine natural beauty with a pleasant bustle, fine cuisine, safe swimming and a whole range of sports including golf, tennis, snorkelling, fishing, cycling and windsurfing.

The superb climate and varied landscape makes Majorca a favourite destination for families with children, young people and couples of all ages. With a wide selection of sporting facilities, water sports, museums, water parks, gardens and walks, there are plenty of activities to choose from whilst soaking up the fantastic Majorcan sun.

When To Go To Majorca?

Majorca is a year round destination but us most popular in the hot summer months when temperatures average 25-30C. The winters are mild with warm days but cooler nights and can be wet from October to January. Palma is ideal for a winter break with its lively restaurants and shops open throughout the winter season. January is a good time to visit Palma to experience the festival of Sant Sebastian which is celebrated with large outdoor barbeques and live music culminating in a spectacular firework display.The springtime is a popular season for walkers, cyclists and birdwatchers. The warm temperatures and quieter beaches make it a perfect time to catch some early sun. Easter is an important festival on the island and is celebrated in typical colourful style, with local fiestas in most villages and towns.

Majorca - The Place

Majorca boasts spectacular rocky mountains and cliffs in the northwest, and long stretches of sandy beach and secluded coves to the east and south of the island. Secluded coves backed by shady pines nestle below the peaks of the Serra de Tramuntana mountain range, and several quaint old towns and villages represent a thriving agricultural community, dotted with windmills, olive groves and almond trees. Whilst the main resorts are vibrant and colourful with an amazing array of nightclubs, bars and restaurants, the capital Palma still retains some of its historical flavour, with grand mansions and a magnificent Gothic cathedral in its bustling centre. It is worth taking a break from the beach resorts and heading off for a tour of the island by car, or even bicycle, to discover the romantic fishing villages, historic monasteries, monuments, museums and spectacular landscapes.

Majorca Culture

Majorca offers something for everyone and can be enjoyed on foot, bike, by car or by boat. Majorca is a Catholic country and shoulders and legs should be covered when visiting churches or holy places.

Majorca Nightlife

The nightlife in Majorca varies from resort to resort. The southern resorts on the island tend to be the livelier ones, with a wide selection of bars and discos. The northern resorts are a lot quieter in comparison, and the main nightlife is centered around bars and restaurants. Nightlife in the south of Majorca in the busy, popular tourist resorts of Magaluf and Palma Nova cater for the large numbers of British tourists, and there is a large selection of English style pubs, along with clubs and discos which in the summer rarely close before dawn. Palma is the quieter resort, and more suited to families, with a large selection of restaurants and sport and family friendly bars.

Majorca Shopping

Majorca and especially Palma are a haven for shoppers. Stores in Palma offer everything from designer goods to handicrafts, elegant leather goods, Majorcan pearls, and fine needlework. It is useful to note that most shops close on Saturday afternoon and Sunday. There are weekly markets throughout the island on every day of the week, selling local goods, souvenirs and food. As with all markets, be prepared to haggle. Most of the shopping districts in the resorts are arranged around little squares and streets and are open until late in the evening, making shopping a relaxing and pleasant experience.

Majorca Eating

The flavours of Majorcan cuisine are mainly Spanish and traditional restaurants specialise in tapas, paella, sobrosada and Sangria. The local Majorcan dishes make full use of delicious local almonds, olives, walnuts, and the local tomato called Ramallet which is native to the island. As in all Balearic cooking, fish is the predominant ingredient. The tourist influx has had a profound influence on the range of restaurants to be found in Majorca and the main resorts offer English, Chinese, Italian and Indian as well as traditional Spanish cuisine.

Local Majorca Customs

Many shops and supermarkets close for siesta between 1.30pm and 4.30pm. Many shops close on Saturday afternoons, Sunday and Holy days.

Looking for a cheap holiday in the lively resort of Majorca isn't easy. The peak summer season is always busy and it's unlikely that you'll find cheap deal during this time. In October the temperature will be slightly cooler with a chance of rain. As a result, there will be plenty of cheap deals for this time of the year. May is an ideal time for a cheap holiday however, as the weather will be warming up, but the resorts won't be as busy as later in the year, so you can expect to find some good deals in the spring time.

Majorca suits all tastes. For those who like to party, Magaluf and Palma are lively resorts with plenty of night clubs going on till the early hours of the morning. For those with families, there are many quiet bars and restaurants to enjoy the peaceful night life too. There are plenty of activities to do in the coastal regions, such as snorkelling, scuba diving, water sports and fishing, and further in land attractions like waterparks, cycling and beautiful country gardens stand out.

There is so much to do in Majorca that it's no surprise it's one of the most popular islands on the planet, however if you're looking for a cheap Majorca holiday, you may be best off looking for a holiday outside of the peak season. Early May is the ideal time for a warm, but cheap Majorca holiday, with October also a good time for a cheap deal, bearing in mind the weather may not be as nice compared to earlier in the year.