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Disneyland Paris

Disneyland Paris

Disneyland® Park

At the Disneyland® Park you are never too old to enjoy the magic. The five lands at Eurodisney ensure that you will have many hours of endless fun and entertainment. You will mix with the Disney heroes and villains and enjoy the magical parades that only Disney can deliver.

Main Street U.S.A. ®

This land has all hospitality of a small town in the USA way back in the 1900's. You can look around the Victorian stores, try an ice cream from the Gibson Girl Ice Cream Parlour and then take a ride on the horse drawn streetcar.

Main Street U.S.A. ® is the start of the Disneyland® Railroad which transport's you around the 5 lands at Disneyland® Park Paris. You can also enjoy a magical ride down Main Street on one of the Horse Drawn Streetcars. The Discovery Arcade will take you back the age of invention through scale models of some of the 20th Century's greatest creations. Other attractions also include the Liberty Arcade and the Main Street vehicles.


Here you will find the inspiration through fairytales and stories in which Disney's brought classic animated films to life.

Fantasyland has a wide choice of attractions including such like Small World which is the famous musical tour around the world where you can sing along with dolls from all nations to the famous it's a small world medley. You can also fly across the London night sky with Peter and Wendy in search of Captain Hook on Peter Pan's Flight. Take a walk through Alice's Curious Labyrinth but you better watch out for the Queen of Hearts, or it's "Off with your head!". The heart Disneyland® Park Paris is the unforgettable Sleeping Beauty Castle where you can take a walk around and relive childhood dreams. Young kids can swoop and soar with great views across Disneyland® Park on Dumbo's flying elephant ride. They are many other attractions Fantasyland including Lancelot Carrousel, The voyages of Pinocchio and the Small Circus Train the list goes on.


Grab your Stetson and discover how the Wild West was tamed in this land full of action and adventure.

Here you will the find one of Eurodisneys most famous attractions Big Thunder Mountain which is a thrilling runaway mine train. If speed is not your thing take a leisurely ride on the Thunder Mesa Riverboat around the old west sights of Frontierland or if you like a fright why not step in to Phantom Manor Disney's haunted manor house. The many other attractions include Pocahontas Indian Village, Legends of the Wild West and Rustler Round up Shooting Gallery plus many more.

Adventure Land

In Adventure land you will find Pirates, Indiana Jones and the Swiss Family Robinson who promise to deliver plentiful thrills and excitement.

Indian Jones and the Temple of Peril coaster is the main attraction here and this will speed and loop through ancient ruins. If it's a pirate's life for you take a ride on Pirate of The Caribbean for thrills and mayhem. Adventure Land also offers other attractions including Pirates Beach and adventure playground with a pirate twist, Adventure Isle and Aladdin's passage.


This land focuses on all things futuristic and you will be transported to the edge of the universe.

Some of Disneyland® Park most exciting and thrilling rides are located in Discoveryland. You will find Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast in Discoveryland on which you cruise around spinning 360 degrees zapping enemy targets to become an Elite Space Ranger. The infamous Space Mountain will blast you faster than g-force through space and back again. Step aboard the Starspeeder 3000 and take a thrilling virtual ride to the Moon of Endor on Star Tours. Other attractions include Captain EO staring Michael Jackson, Autopia and Orbitron.

Opening times in Disneyland® Park Paris will vary from season to season and the park is open 365 days of the year.

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