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Balearics Introduction

The Balearic Islands are situated in the Mediterranean Sea, between Spain and the coast of North Africa. The Islands of the Balearics are Majorca, Menorca, Ibiza and Formentera. Each of the Balearic Islands offers a sunny Mediterranean climate with summer temperatures reaching around 27°C.

Why Go To The Balearics?

Ibiza, with some of the biggest and best nightclubs in the world is perhaps the party capital of Europe. To the north west of Ibiza lies Majorca, the largest of the Balearics attracting over six million visitors a year. Majorca is an island of huge contrasts with busy holiday resorts in the south west and spectacular unspoilt mountains in the north. Menorca is tranquil and unspoilt and the most easterly of the Balearic Islands. Unlike Majorca, it is not a party island, but Menorca offers miles of un-crowded beaches, pretty fishing villages and historic towns. Formentera is un-spoilt and one of the smallest of the Balearic Islands, located just off the coast of Ibiza and boasts a length of only 12 miles from tip to tip.

The Balearic Islands offer fine beaches great weather, very good food and an exiting nightlife, but in addition to all night parties are Gothic cathedrals, ruins dating from the Stone Age, charming fishing villages, orchards and olive groves. The Balearic Islands offer something for everyone.

When to go to the Balearics?

The Balearic Islands attract visitors all year round with the summer seeing the most holiday traffic. During the height of the summer months, the islands typically see 11 hours of sunshine each day, and a glorious average temperature topping 29°C, with rainfall during the peak season being extremely rare. Although temperatures range from 22°C-28°C and the region still sees between 8-10 hours of sunshine every day, the weather can be unpredictable and much more changeable in the winter with the night-time temperature dropping quite dramatically.

Balearics - The Place

The landscape of the Balearic Islands is characterized by woodlands, fertile plains, and coastlines with numerous sandy coves separated by craggy cliffs. The Sierra del Norte mountain range runs along the northern coast of Majorca .Mount Toro, in central Minorca, is the islands highest peak, at 358 m. Forests cover much of the interior of Ibiza and Formentera and the islands are often called Las Islas Pitiusas (pine-covered islands). At the southernmost tip of Ibiza and the northernmost tip of Formentera are large, ancient expanses of salt pans, which are protected as nature reserves. The surrounding salt marshes and coastal lagoons provide an ideal breeding ground for many species of water fowl.

Balearics Culture

When you arrive to Ibiza you are greeted by an amazing view dominated by the renaissance walls defending Ibiza old town. Balafia, a rural architectural village near Sant Llorenc in Majorca is worth a visit and the city of Palma the capital where you will find an historic place with imposing mansions and glorious gothic cathedral. The north-west coast of Majorca has a pair of intriguing monasteries at Valdemossa and Lluc and a string of enchanting old towns Delia, Soller and Pollensa as well as the picturesque villages of Biniaraix and Fornalutx. The principal seaport and the capital of Menorca is Mahon. To the west of Mahon is Cala'nPorter, with one of the most spectacular beaches on the island. La Coya d'en Xarol with ancient troglodyte habitations over looking the sea from the upper part of the cliffs. Therefore Balearics brings together several elements for all kinds of cultures and civilizations and that makes it nowadays an extremely interesting destination that successfully combines all these with fantastic nightlife to satisfy all needs!

Balearics Nightlife

Menorca and Formentera are not party Islands, the nightlife tends to be centered in and around the Hotels, unlike Majorca and Ibiza. The south west resorts of Majorca are where you will find the hottest nightlife, Palma Nova, Magaluf and Arenal which tend to merge in to one long resort of bars, nightclubs and karoke bars. There are two main resorts to head for on Ibiza, Ibiza town on the east coast and the club capital of San Antonio on the west coast.

Balearics Shopping

There is a strong tradition of craftsmanship on the Balearic Islands. Purchases include furniture, hand-embroidered works, hand-painted ceramics, carved olive-wood panels, wrought ironwork, glassware, items made from raffia and palm leaves, handmade shoes, the famous pearls made in Majorca and other costume jewellery from Majorca.

Balearics Eating

Balearic cuisine is a wonderful blend of Mediterranean style with its own subtle variations using their own freshest ingredients. Fish is the predominant ingredient in all Balearic cooking. La Calderata de Langosta is a traditional dish made from freshly caught lobster. Clear soups made with fish or meat stock is a popular meal in Mallorca. Mallorca stands out as the only island to make its own wine too whilst Menorca produces Gin, and Ibiza, its own herb liqueur. Ibizas regional dish is La Burrida de Ratjada which is boiled skate seasoned with ground almonds. Lobster, squid and other seafood are all very popular too.

Local Balearics Customs

Ibiza, Formentera, and Menorca all have nudist beaches! Ses Illetes and other beaches in Formentera offer the chance to be free of swimsuit with no problem or harm to others at all. Well, maybe...

Like many other European locations, the best time to book a cheap holiday to the Balearics is just outside the summer period. Visiting in May or October will have many benefits, and not only the ones to your wallet. Drinks will be cheaper, although food will stay around the same price, but with the cost of accommodation decreasing it may be beneficial to take a half board hotel depending on what kind of deal you can find at the time.

There are many fascinating places to visit in the Belearics, including some popular destinations such as Menorca, Majorca, Ibiza and Formentera. While these locations are undoubtedly more active in the summer, there are still plenty of things to see and do on your cheap Balearics holiday.

The usual attractions in the Balearics never go out of date, and even if it’s not quite as hot during the off-peak months, the locals will still welcome you with open arms, especially if you’re visiting places like the smaller fishing villages, or Gothic cathedrals scattered all across the islands.

In Ibiza, the partying never stops, and it’s the same for the night life all over the Balearics. The area may not be as busy during off peak months, but there will still be plenty of atmosphere in the night clubs and disco’s in the various resorts. Plus the drinks will be cheaper, so who can complain about that!

If you do decide to take a holiday to the Balearics outside the peak summer times, it will give you a perfect opportunity to explore the islands beautiful coastlines and rich woodlands, and generally just have a relaxing time. If you’re not looking to party every night, then a cheap holiday in the Balearics is a great place for you to just sit back on the golden beaches and relax.

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