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Cheap Mykonos Holidays

Mykonos is one of the smallr Greek Islands and is a popular resort for those looking for sunshine by day and lively entretainmbet by night.

Check out our in depth travel guide for more details of what a holiday in Mykonos has to offer.

Mykonos Introduction

Mykonos in the middle of the Aegean Sea is one of the smallest of the Cyclades Islands and also the most popular. Rich in natural beauty, dotted with pretty whitewashed villages and the famous Mykonos windmills with their sails turning in the breeze, it attracts many visitors every year.

Why Go To Mykonos?

If you are looking for guaranteed summer sun, sand and sea, water sports, culinary delights and good wine in a picturesque setting then Mykonos is the place for you. If you are also looking for a wild nightlife Mykonos is renowned for its dusk to dawn parties.

Mykonos is most popular with the young who are looking for daylong sunshine followed by nightlong entertainment. There are a vast number of bars and clubs where it is possible to drink and dance through the night.

Mykonos is a very gay friendly island with many gay venues.

The island has become popular with brides and grooms who arrive in increasing numbers to make their wedding vows in pretty sunbathed surroundings.

Families come to enjoy the sand and safe beaches.

When To Go To Mykonos

The dry hot summers are the most popular time to visit Mykonos. The island can be fairly windy and this tempers the heat.

Mykonos - The Place

Although there has been much tourist development in Mykonos, the island has managed to retain its essential atmosphere. This is mainly because all new buildings must be in keeping with the architecture of the island.

Mykonos is noted for its cosmopolitan life style. It was a popular place in the recent past with the rich and famous and there are many expensive restaurants that reflect this.

Mykonos Town, also known as Chora' is a port and the capital of the island. Viewed from the sea, it is an enchanting place where the small white buildings, glowing in the sunshine, nestle on the hills rising from the sea. The narrow streets are filled with shops, pavement cafes and restaurants all decorated with trailing blossoms and flower filled pots.

The beaches are mainly of sand. St. Stefanos and Ornos beaches are great for families with safe bathing. There are excursions from Ornos to the sacred island of Delos with its ancient ruins.

The onshore winds at Fetelia make it perfect surfing territory.

The traditional villages with their pretty whitewashed churches attract many couples who choose to marry on the island.

Mykonos Culture

Festivals are closely associated with the Orthodox Church’s calendar and patron saints days are times of feasting, dining and drinking. It would appear that every day on Mykonos is a feast day!

Mykonos Nightlife

The nightlife on Mykonos is world famous with a huge number of relaxed bars, discos, and clubs offering a wide and sophisticated range of entertainment. There are many gay bars and clubs. All night parties on the beach are a frequent sight. Mykonos is certainly the place to go for riotous entertainment.

Those seeking more sedate evenings will find many small restaurants and tavernas on the waterfronts where peace and tranquillity can be enjoyed.

Mykonos Shopping

Chora's narrow streets and small squares have an abundance of shops which supply most needs. Many resorts have gift shops lining the beaches and here you can buy all your holiday souvenirs including, brightly coloured ceramics, embroidered linens, leather goods and soaps made from olive oil.

Mykonos Eating

In Chora there are very many restaurants to suit all tastes and pockets. The more exclusive provide a wide range of international cuisine while others provide traditional Greek food. Fish is obviously an important part of an island’s gastronomy and restaurants excel with their menus of fresh ingredients simply cooked.

Local wines are pleasant and inexpensive.

Local Mykonos Customs

The extended family is held in high regard in Greece and elderly members are shown great respect Children are always given a warm welcome. Restaurants are generally very child friendly.

When visiting churches and monasteries, shoulders and legs should be covered to avoid offence.

The best time to pick up a bargain holiday to the Greek island of Mykonos is in April, May or October. This is due to a number of reasons such as no school holidays, however generally, holidays are cheaper just outside of the peak summer period. Booking in any of these months will potentially mean not only cheaper accommodation, but cheaper food and drinks too. It might even be beneficial to book room only accommodation, bearing in mind the amount you’ll be saving on meals outside of the hotel.

Mykonos is a very popular destination, and is a place full of natural beauty. With it’s whitewashed villages and famous windmills which turn gently in the breeze, it has many attractions that pull in tourists year after year.

If you’re looking for guaranteed summer sun, golden sands and warm sea, water sports and a wild nightlife, Mykonos might just be the place for you.

Mykonos has bars and clubs to suit everyone, and has a very popular gay scene. New brides and grooms regularly visit Mykonos to take their vows and why not? Children are also welcomed with open arms.

If it’s a cheap holiday to Mykonos that you’re looking for, keep a look out for deals in April, May or October time.