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Cheap Samos Holidays

Samos is a Greek Island, very close to the coast of Turkey, offering a great holiday destination to those seeking a relaxing holiday. Our holiday guide provides information on what Samos has to offer.

Samos Introduction

Samos lies in the southern Aegean Sea very close to the Turkish coast. It is a fairly large mountainous island with many sandy beaches and shingle coves. There is evidence of its ancient past scattered around the towns and villages. Among its many famous sons is the philosopher and mathematician Pythagoras.

Why Go To Samos?

Samos is a fertile island with its pine covered hills, its olive groves and its vineyards. It offers many hours of hot sunshine each day, sandy beaches and secluded shingle coves and water sports. Tavernas, cafes and restaurants on many waterfronts offer shade and refreshment.

Samos is an island retreat where you can relax and enjoy a pace of life far different from the demands of home. It is popular with families and couples who do not necessarily wish for lively evenings. Samos town, also known as Vathy, does provide more lively entertainment with bars and clubs.

When To Go To Samos

The season lasts from April to October with the hot dry summer months being the most popular.

Samos - The Place

Samos has had a glorious ancient past and although there are many historic sites it is unfortunate that very little of its architectural treasures remain. The Archaeological Museum in Samos town houses a five metre high stone statue, the largest of its kind in Greece.

Samos is a very scenic island with its towering mountain, verdant hills, inland villages with medieval churches and with some excellent beaches and charming secluded coves. Although the island relies heavily on tourism it retains its traditional Greek atmosphere that is so valued by holidaymakers.

Samos town lies in the centre of a horseshoe shaped bay and has many shops and tavernas along its waterfront.

There are many beautiful resorts where you lie in the sand and soak up the sun and Potami is said to be one of the prettiest. The fishing villages, such as Kokkari retain all the traditional character of this old livelihood, and the tavernas here will serve the freshest of fish.

Ano Vathi is a charming place with its narrow streets and sun bleached houses and medieval church. It is noted for the wide variety of its butterfly population.

Tours to the ancient city of Ephasus, in Turkey, are often taken from Samos.

Samos is the place to go to find beauty, peace and charm.

Samos Culture

Festivals are closely associated with the Orthodox Church’s calendar and patron saints days are times of feasting, dining and drinking. The harvest of the sweet wine of Samos’s Muscat grape is celebrated.

Traditional Greek music is often played in the evenings in the tavernas.

Samos Nightlife

While the nightlife on Samos could be described as low key, the town of Samos itself is fairly lively with an array of venues offering music and dance. Those seeking more sedate evenings will find many small restaurants and tavernas on the waterfronts where peace and tranquillity can be enjoyed while watching the moonrise.

Samos Shopping

The main centre for shopping is Samos town and its narrow streets will supply holiday memorabilia to satisfy most needs. The town also has a lively market. Many of the larger resorts have gift shops lining the beaches and here you can buy gifts and souvenirs. There is always an abundant supply of pottery, embroidered cloths, leather goods and jewellery.

Samos Eating

Samos is the place to take pleasure in traditional Greek food and there are many family run restaurants and tavernas where you can enjoy an inexpensive meal. Fish is obviously an important part of an island's gastronomy and tavernas provide a wide variety of fish as well as meat dishes. Local wines are pleasant and inexpensive.

Local Samos Customs

The extended family is held in high regard in Greece and elderly members are shown great respect Children are always given a warm welcome. Restaurants are generally very child friendly.

When visiting churches and monasteries, shoulders and legs should be covered to avoid offence.

The best time to pick up a bargain holiday to the Greek island of Samos is in April, May or October. Generally, holidays are cheaper just outside of the peak summer period so booking in any of these months will potentially mean not only cheaper accommodation, but cheaper food and drinks too. It might even be beneficial to book room only accommodation, bearing in mind the amount you’ll be saving on meals outside of the hotel.

Samos is a fairly large mountainous island with many sandy beaches and shingle coves. You’ll also see plenty it’s ancient past scattered around the towns and villages. Samos is also known for the famous philosopher and mathematician Pythagoras.

Hot summer sun welcomes you to the peaceful island where you can pick up a nice tan or enjoy any of the water sports facilities. The nightlife is not particularly lively, so families with small children, or those just visiting for a break from the stress of every day life will enjoy the peace and quiet that is available. There are of course the odd night club for those who like to party.

If it’s a cheap holiday to Samos that you’re looking for, keep a look out for deals in April, May or October time.