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Cheap Hurghada Holidays

Hurghada is a popular destination in Egypt with warm sunny weather all throughout the year. Find out more information on what's available in Hurghada with our travel guide, or learn if you can pick up a cheap holiday deal in our cheap Hurghada holidays guide.

Hurghada Introduction


Originally a small fishing village, Hurghada is one of the most popular and lively resorts on the Red Sea Riviera. Hurghada’s golden sands cover a distance of twenty kilometres and it is internationally famous for its aquatic sporting facilities.

Why Go To Hurghada?

Hurghada, only five hours flight from the UK and guaranteeing year round sunshine, is an exciting holiday resort offering a wide choice of water sports by day and a lively party atmosphere by night.

Water sports include snorkelling and scuba diving, surfing, fishing and boating to name but a few. Hurghada is the ideal holiday destination for anyone wanting sand, sea and a vibrant night life.

Hurghada appeals to a wide variety of people. It is the perfect holiday destination for those who wish for a relaxing time by the pool in luxurious surroundings, or basking in the sun on bleached sands. Aqua sport enthusiasts will find their days filled as the variety seems almost unlimited. The evenings provide a wealth of entertainment making Hurghada the party city of the Red Sea Riviera


When To Go To Hurghada

December to March is the most popular time to holiday in Hurghada as this is the period when temperatures lie comfortably in the twenties. The temperature then begins to rise reaching the high thirties in summertime.

Hurghada - The Place

Hurghada does not spread far into the surrounding desert but clings to the Red Sea coast. The clear blue sea has an abundance of marine life and magnificent living coral beds which must be seen. If coming too close to a barracuda while snorkelling does not appeal, glass bottomed boats are the answer. View the coral and the fish in comfort and style. There is even a submarine in which you can see the underwater world in all its glory.

In the evening the town springs to life with many bars and clubs, coffee shops and restaurants, bazaars and street traders. This is the time to buy gifts and souvenirs such as the Egyptian shisha pipes and gifts made from papyrus. Beware the imitations made from banana leaves. There is also the possibility of having a flutter in the casino. It is also possible to take a camel ride to explore the Red Sea Mountains. For those less intrepid travellers jeeps are available.

Hurghada Culture

Egyptians, whether Muslim or Copt, are deeply religious and are governed by this in their daily lives. They are a hospitable and friendly people, welcoming visitors to their country and going out of their way to be helpful.

Hurghada Nightlife

As darkness falls the atmosphere in Hurghada changes and the party begins. Many of the hotels provide their own entertainment often consisting of live music, both traditional and international. In addition, there are many lively bars and clubs, restaurants and coffee houses in which to make merry.

Hurghada Shopping

Hurghada has many opportunities for shopping either on the street in the bazaars or in boutiques. Be prepared to barter as the asking price is usually inflated by as much as a third.

Hurghada Eating

The numerous restaurants in Hurghada provide a wide variety of food to suit most tastes serving local dishes as well as international cuisine ranging from Italian to Chinese. Drink only bottled water (check that the cap is sealed) which is cheap and plentiful.

Local Hurghada Customs

All people working in the tourist and leisure industries are heavily reliant on tips and are usually much deserved. The kindness and helpfulness of the people is well known.


The best time to book a cheap Hurghada holiday is in November or early December, or in May and June. This is to do with the weather being exceptionally hot and generally unbearable for most people. If you can put up with the temperatures, you should be able to grab yourself a great deal.

Egypt is a very cheap place to stay, and as a result you should consider booking yourself into bed and breakfast accommodation. You can then use the money you'll save you visit the many restaurants and eat out.

Hurghada caters for a number of different cuisines ranging from Italian to Chinese so there's bound to be something you'll enjoy. Make sure you only drink sealed bottled water though.

Hurghada features year round sunshine and is a perfect place to go in the cold wet British winter for some sun. If you do decide to visit in December, you could have a nice bronze tan for Christmas!

The night life in Hurghada is interesting, with lots of activities taking place within the resorts and hotels themselves. The main entertainment is live music, but if that doesn't take your fancy, there are plenty of lively bars, clubs, restaurants and coffee houses for you to visit instead.

Hurghada is a great place to visit, especially if you're looking for some winter sun, so make sure you pick up a bargain and look for your cheap Hurghada holiday in November or early December.

There are several other resorts on offer in the Hurghada Area including Makadi Bay, Soma Bay, Safaga, El Quseir and El Gouna. 

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