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Morocco is a popular place for tourists. If you're interested in visiting the area you may wish to read our in-depth travel guide for some useful information on where to visit and the culture of the people or Morocco. You should also view our Cheap Morocco Holidays guide for some information on when you may be able to find the best deal on a Morocco holiday.

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Morocco Introduction

Morocco, situated in North Africa, has two coastlines the Atlantic to the west and the Mediterranean to the north and east providing beaches with a variety of facilities to suit most tastes. Morocco has many ancient towns which offer an insight into its cultural history.

Why Go To Morocco?

There is much more to Morocco than Casablanca and Marrakech although these are the most famous cities and well worth a visit. The beaches on both coasts offer a vast array of sporting opportunities where sunshine is virtually guaranteed for the whole of the year. Morocco has a wealth of ancient monuments, museums which were once old palaces, walled towns with narrow cobbled streets and shopping opportunities to satisfy the most voracious retail appetite. A Morocco holiday surely has something for everyone.

Morocco has very broad appeal. Families, sun seekers, golfers, surfers, water skiers. Divers will find immediate gratification in a holiday in Morocco. Those who like to meander through the twisting alleyways of the old towns will find ample opportunity in Morocco.

When To Go To Morocco?

The holiday season lasts for most of the year with hot summers and mild winters. During January and February it can be cooler in the north and although the days are mild the nights can be cold. There is snow in the mountains and although there are skiing facilities with a ski lift, these are limited.

Morocco - The Place

Morocco is a wonderful holiday destination offering such a variety of differing experiences to the traveller.

On the west coast of Morocco there are miles of golden sands facing the wide Atlantic with its rolling waves perfect for surfing, sailing and jet skiing. Agadir is a west coast resort which offers many opportunities for water sports of all kinds. There are also three excellent golf courses and tennis courts.

The Mediterranean coast has wonderful fine sand and the clearest of seas and is the ideal destination for families with young children. At Dalya the waters are particularly calm and inviting.

There are many historical sites in the old towns and cities of Morocco with architecture that reflects the influences from the many invaders and settlers throughout the ages. Old palaces have become museums housing ancient artefacts and examples of old crafts.

The walled towns are like warrens and are perfect for exploration by the sightseer with old churches, mosques and shops around every corner.

Spa treatments are available in the many 'hammams' where you can avail yourself of soothing body wraps and massages.

Morocco Culture

Morocco hosts many festivals including the international film festival in Marrakech and the world music festival in Essauira. There is also a yearly festival of national art and crafts to advertise the amazing array of local talent.

The Moroccans are a hospitable and friendly people, welcoming visitors to their country and going out of their way to be helpful. Nothing ever seems to be too much trouble.

Morocco Nightlife

The nightlife in Morocco is lively. Bars are usually open until midnight while nightclubs, often with open air dance floors, are open until dawn. Many hotels have their own clubs which are open to the public. Waterfront restaurants offer a quiet alternative for evening entertainment.

Morocco Shopping

Morocco is a great place to shop with a huge variety of gift and craft shops, bazaars and markets. The art of bartering is at its best in Morocco where most of the pleasure in shopping is the negotiation process. If you show an interest in an expensive item you may be offered a cup of green tea while the haggling takes place. There is a wide range of goods including carpets, leather goods, jewellery, spices, pottery and ceramics. While in the ‘souks’ it is possible to forget that there is a non negotiable baggage allowance on your return flight. It could be an expensive mistake!

Morocco Eating

Food in Morocco is generally spicy with sweet and sour combinations. Chicken is by far the most popular meat. Pastilla is a favourite dish made filo pastry filled with egg and meat or vegetables. Harari. the lentil and chick pea soup is another popular food. Mint tea is a favourite drink.

Hotels and restaurants in Morocco serve a wide variety of international cuisine to cater for the less adventurous diner.

Drink only bottled water.

Local Morocco Customs

All people working in the tourist and leisure industries are heavily reliant on tips that are usually much deserved. The kindness and helpfulness of the people is renowned. Children are always made especially welcome.

Remember that Morocco is an Islamic country and overt displays of affection can cause offence.

The best time for cheap Morocco holidays is in April or May if you wait for a last minute deal, or all year-round if you book early enough. Morocco is very cheap, so it�s advised that you look for bed and breakfast or half board accommodation and use the money you�ll save to buy your food from the many restaurants around the resorts.

The country is covered in sunshine for pretty much the whole year, and is a great place to visit if you�re looking for a relaxing holiday. There are also plenty of tourist attractions, particularly in the North of the country where you�ll find fine beaches, lush green valleys and ancient cities, or to the South where you�ll come across the beautiful Atlas Mountains which are perfect for trekking all year long.

Another attraction worth seeing is the small town of Chefchaouen Tangier. This small tranquil town has incredible natural beauty, and all of the walls have been painted blue! Definitely something worth seeing if you�re in the area.

Morocco has a number of mountain activities which run at various points throughout the year. From trekking to skiing, there�s bound to be something to keep you occupied, as well as viewing the beautiful scenery as you go.

The country has roughly 8 hours of sun a day all throughout the year, so if it�s an activity holiday, or just relaxation that you�re after, Morocco, with it�s beautiful beaches, is a great destination for a cheap out of season holiday.

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