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Agadir Holidays

Agadir Holidays

Agadir Introduction

Agadir lies on the Atlantic Ocean in southern Morocco in North Africa. In 1960 a huge earthquake destroyed the city killing fifteen thousand people and the rebuilding produced a very modern town. No attempt was made to replicate the old Moroccan styles of architecture. There are very many luxury hotels providing excellent facilities which help compensate for the lack of tradition.

Why Go To Agadir?

Agadir has an average January temperature of twenty degrees rising into the thirties in the summer. With a long, wide beach it is the perfect place for those seeking a winter beach holiday. There are many sporting activities both in and out of the water for the more energetic holiday maker.

Agadir is very popular with beach lovers. In the hotter summer months, the breeze from the Atlantic Ocean is very welcome. Be aware that there are areas in the sea where there are strong undercurrents. Families, sun seekers, golfers and aqua sporting enthusiasts will enjoy an Agadir holiday.

When To Go To Agadir

The holiday season lasts for most of the year with hot summers and mild winters. The annual temperature ranges from twenty degrees in the winter to the high thirties in the summer.

Agadir - The Place

Agadir was rebuilt two kilometres away from the original centre of the old town which happened to be the epicentre of the earthquake. It is a city of broad palm-lined boulevards and modern buildings. The five star hotels are excellent with swimming pools and spa treatments facilities, bars and clubs. In the centre of the original town is a garden of remembrance for the thousands of earthquake victims. Agadir is famous for its fish and has a very busy port. The best time to visit the port is at the end of the day when the boats return with their catch. The bustling fish market has become a tourist attraction. The Kasbah, nine kilometres from the centre is worth a visit for the marvellous views over the town and the ocean. On Thursdays there is a very good market selling all manner of goods. The beach is long and wide with good sporting facilities. Camel rides are available along the sands.

Agadir Culture

There is little of the traditional Moroccan culture to see in this modern town. The people however are hospitable and friendly welcoming visitors to their country and going out of their way to be helpful.

Agadir Nightlife

The nightlife in Agadir is based mainly around the hotels. The main nightclubs are all associated with hotels and are open to the public. There is often an entrance fee. Bars are usually open until midnight while nightclubs, often with open air dance floors, are open until dawn. Waterfront restaurants offer a quiet alternative for evening entertainment.

Agadir Shopping

The market in Agadir is a great place to shop with a huge variety of gift and craft stalls. The art of bartering is at its best in Morocco where most of the pleasure in shopping is the negotiation process. If you show an interest in an expensive item you may be offered a cup of green tea while the haggling takes place. There is a wide range of goods including carpets, leather goods, jewellery, spices, pottery and ceramics. While in the �souks� it is possible to forget that there is a non negotiable baggage allowance on your return flight. It could be an expensive mistake!

Agadir Eating

Food in Morocco is generally spicy with sweet and sour combinations. Although chicken is by far the most popular meat, fish is the protein of choice in Agadir. Fresh from the sea and simply cooked it is both satisfying and delicious. Pastilla is a favourite dish made filo pastry filled with egg and meat or vegetables. Harari. the lentil and chick pea soup is another popular food. Mint tea is a favourite drink.

Hotels and restaurants in Agadir serve a wide variety of international cuisine to cater for the less adventurous diner.

Drink only bottled water.

Local Agadir Customs

All people working in the tourist and leisure industries are heavily reliant on tips that are usually much deserved. The kindness and helpfulness of the people is renowned. Children are always made especially welcome.

Remember that Morocco is an Islamic country and overt displays of affection can cause offence. It is best to wear beach clothes only on the beach and dress with a little modesty in the town.

The best time to pick up a bargain holiday to Adadir in Morocco is in the early in the season, such as in April or May, although you will still be able to pick up a good deal all year round if you book early enough. Morocco is very cheap, so booking into bed and breakfast accommodation could save you some extra money on top.

The area is filled with sunshine throughout the year and has many attractions including it�s wonderful landscapes and beaches.

There are many small tranquil towns scattered around Morocco, each offering something different. You�ll also find plenty to do in the near-by Atlas mountains, with trekking and skiing very popular activities.

Of course, if it�s not an action holiday you�re looking for, the beautiful beaches will give you enough enjoyment as you relax and enjoy the warm weather.

If it�s a cheap holiday to Agadir that you�re looking for, keep a look out for deals in April and May.