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Cheap Kefalonia Holidays

Kefalonia is one of the quieter Greek Islands and provides the ideal destination for a quiet and relaxing holiday. The resorts tend to be small and friendly, with the Island containing a large number of small fishing villages.

Kefalonia Introduction

Kefalonia is the largest of the Ionian Islands. It is a place of great natural beauty with mountains adorned with lush green pine trees and olive groves, picturesque villages and magnificent beaches with clear blue water. With its mild Mediterranean climate and its wonderful people it is no surprise that Kefalonia is a popular holiday destination.

Why Go To Kefalonia?

The unblemished natural beauty of Kefalonia draws many people to its shores. The winter rains are responsible for the fertile greenness of its mountain slopes. The beaches are of clean fine sand or small pebbles and the seas are warm. With guaranteed sunshine, water sporting facilities, good food and wine and friendly hospitable people it is no surprise that Kefalonia is a favourite destination for many.

Kefalonia has wide appeal seeming to have something for everyone. Families will find many safe sandy beaches. Water sports enthusiasts will find a large variety of activities.

Couples or older people looking for a peaceful retreat will not be disappointed.

When To Go To Kefalonia

The holiday season lasts from April until October when the temperature ranges from twenty to thirty degrees. Summer is the most popular time to visit the island.

Kefalonia - The Place

Kefalonia is a very popular island, partly because of its beauty and climate but also because of the hospitality generously offered by the islanders. It was the setting for the book Captain Corelli’s Mandolin. The capital is the lively town of Argostali which is popular with shoppers and young people. The Archaeological Museum and the Folklore Museums are here.

There are beaches in Kefalonia, such as Scala, that have been awarded a ‘Blue Flag’ for their cleanliness and the facilities that they offer. Amnos, which has rather strange orange coloured sand, has very shallow water making it particularly suitable for families.

Fiscardo is said to be the most beautiful village, the only one to remain intact during the earthquake in 1953. It is a picturesque fishing community which offers peace and relaxation.

Those with a sweet tooth may enjoy a visit to Voskopoula where handmade boiled sweets are manufactured. You can watch the process and sample the produce.

In the west of the island at Assos are the ruins of a 16th century of a Venetian castle.

In the cave at Drogorati near Sami, where the acoustics are excellent, there are concerts during the summer months.

Kefalonia is famous for its cheeses, sweets, pastries and almond cake.

Kefalonia Culture

Festivals are closely associated with the Orthodox Church’s calendar and patron saints days are times of feasting, dining and drinking. St. Gerassimos is the patron saint of Kefalonia and his feast day is the 16th August. There are processions to the caves beneath the church that bears his name where, it is said, he used to pray. It is claimed to be a place of healing, particularly of mental illnesses.

Kefalonia Nightlife

The nightlife in Kefalonia is not noted for its wildness. Although the larger resorts provide for those who like to party into the early hours of the morning, generally the nightlife could be described as low key with many water front tavernas and restaurants in which to relax and while away the evenings.

Kefalonia Shopping

Most resorts have gift shops lining the beaches and here you can buy all your holiday souvenirs including, rather tasteful ceramics, embroidered linens, leather goods, soaps made from olive oil and of course the boiled sweets of Voskopoula.

Kefalonia Eating

In Kefalonia there are numerous tavernas, cafes, bars and restaurants which provide a wide range of food to accommodate most tastes. Fish plays an important part in the island’s diet. Fresh from the morning catch and simply cooked, it is a treat for the palate. The local wines are inexpensive and very pleasant.

Local Kefalonia Customs

The extended family is held in high regard in Greece and elderly members are respected and cherished. Children are always given a warm welcome. Restaurants are generally very child friendly.

When visiting churches and monasteries, shoulders and legs should be covered to avoid offence.

The islanders are noted for their hospitality and visitors are warmly welcomed.

The best time to find a cheap holiday to Kefalonia in Greece is in the off-peak season including April, May and October. The area will not be as busy during these times, and as a result you’ll be able to travel and stay there for cheaper than usual. You’ll also potentially save money on food and drinks, and it may prove to be beneficial for you to book room only accommodation to cut even more off the cost of your holiday.

Kefalonia is a place of natural beauty with picturesque mountains, pretty villages and golden beaches with clear blue water making it ideal for holidaymakers young and old.

Warm seas and guaranteed sunshine are another pulling factor which bring an increasing number of tourists to the area, as well as the quality water sports facilities and friendly people.

The temperature stays between 20 and 30 degrees throughout summer, from April until October, so even if you are to take a later or earlier holiday in summer to save some money, you’ll still get some heat and a nice tan.

The best time to find a cheap holiday to Kefalonia is in April, May and October, so keep a look out!