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Kateleios Introduction

Kateleios is a quiet village on the south coast of Kefalonia, thirty-five kilometres from Argostoli, with a transfer time from the airport of forty-five minutes. Kateleios, originally a small fishing village, lies on the western end of Mounda Bay and benefits from a long sand and shingle beach washed by the clear waters of the Ionian Sea. There are a small number of tavernas and restaurants where the emphasis is on traditional food and there are few shops. The surrounding plains are at their best when the spring flowers bloom as they are then filled with a glorious array of colour. A Kateleios holiday offers lazy days on the beach basking in the warmth of both the sun and the Greek hospitality.

Why Go To Kateleios?

Those looking for a complete break from the routine and the stresses of everyday life will find a Kateleios holiday is just the answer. This peaceful village offers relaxation by both day and night, where holidaymakers can forget the pressure of home and recharge their solar powered batteries. Ramblers will enjoy the many walks to inland villages.

A Kateleios holiday appeals mainly to families, particularly those with young children, and also to older couples.

When To Go To Kateleios

The Kateleios holiday season lasts from April until October when the temperature ranges from twenty to thirty degrees. Summer is the most popular time to visit the island.

Kateleios - The Place

Kateleios is a small picturesque fishing village in the south of Kefalonia at the western end of Mounda Bay with wonderful views across the sea to Zante. It lies on a flat plain, with hills in the distance, surrounded by vineyards, lemon trees and olive groves. In springtime, the meadows provide a magnificent display of colour from the wide variety of wild flowers growing there.

The sand and fine shingle beach slopes gently into the clear waters of the Ionian Sea offering safe bathing for children and weak swimmers. The clarity of the water and the rocks at the edge of the bay provide ideal conditions for snorkelling. Kateleios is close to Turtle Beach where the loggerhead turtles return each year to lay their eggs.

There are a limited number of shops in Kateleios which provide holiday essentials as well as a few beach and souvenir and gift shops. The island’s capital, only thirty-five kilometres north-west, has a large number of excellent specialist shops and boutiques.

Although the restaurants and tavernas in Kateleios serve a variety of food, catering for most tastes, the emphasis is on traditional cuisine. The harbour area has a number of excellent fish restaurants.

The unblemished natural beauty of Kefalonia draws many people to its shores. The winter rains are responsible for the fertile greenness of its mountain slopes and it is said to have some of the best beaches in Greece. Car hire would enable visitors to explore other stunning areas of the island.

A Kateleios holiday offers a relaxing break in an area of great natural beauty with good beaches, safe bathing, tasty traditional food and warm hospitality. Add to this the guarantee of hot summer sun and you have most of the ingredients for a perfect holiday.

Kateleios Nightlife

Kateleios nightlife is very laid back, where evenings are enjoyed without the intrusive throb of disco music. Holidaymakers can linger over a meal and a bottle of wine in a peaceful and relaxed atmosphere.

Kateleios Shopping

Kateleios shopping is very limited, providing only for holiday essentials and souvenirs. Those who wish for greater variety can take a bus to Argostoli where they will find a wide range of goods. Popular holiday purchases are jewellery, ceramics, soaps made from olive oil, lace and embroidered linens, and leather goods

Kateleios Eating

The tavernas and restaurants in Kateleios serve a variety of cuisine with an emphasis on traditional food. Being a fishing community, fish plays an important part in the diet and small fried fish, shellfish and kalimari are firm favourites. Lamb and chicken are used most commonly in meat dishes. Kateleios is famed for its minced meat pies. Local wines, including the famous Robolla, are easy on the palate as well as the purse.

Eating in Kefalonia is meant to be an unhurried pleasure, so please don’t mistake the relaxed attitude of waiters for tardy service.