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Tunisia Holidays

Tunisia Holidays

Tunisia Introduction

Tunisia is situated in the most northern point of Africa with Algeria to its west and Libya to its southeast. It is a small country with a long coastline on the Mediterranean Sea. Although almost fifty percent of the country is desert Tunisia is a fertile land with vineyards, olive groves and citrus fruits. It is a major producer of cork. After the winter rains the lower slopes of the mountains and hills are carpeted with spring flowers.

Why Go To Tunisia?

Tunisia, with its one thousand kilometres of coastline and almost year round sunshine is a very popular destination for those seeking a break from the gloomy days of the British winter. Apart from the wonderful sandy beaches and the weather, there are many interesting towns to explore with historic remains. The old part of the towns are usually walled and known as medinas. It is in these narrow streets that the tourist will find many delightful shops selling traditional wares.

Tunisia has very broad appeal. Families, sun seekers, golfers, surfers, divers, shoppers and those with an interest in ancient history will find that their needs are fulfilled.

When To Go To Tunisia?

Tunisia is a year round holiday destination with hot summers and mild winters. The northern coast is cooler than the eastern coast because it is exposed to Mediterranean breezes. Some may find this more comfortable during the summer heat.

Tunisia - The Place

Tunisia is a wonderful holiday destination offering a variety of differing experiences to the traveller. There are many excellent resorts providing five star luxury hotels with a wide range of leisure activities including sailing, surfing, diving, water skiing, tennis and golf. The sandy beaches with clear warm water stretch for over one thousand kilometres. Many of them have shallow waters making them ideal for children.

The towns have grown out from the original walled settlements known as medinas. It is in the narrow streets contained by these walls that the visitor will find a wonderful array of local goods in the many small shops and stalls.

Port el Kantaoui on the central eastern coast is one of the most popular family resorts. Apart from the sandy beaches there is a water park, the Aqua Palace, which is great fun for both adults and children .There is also an amusement park with rollercoaster and rides.

Lake Ichkeul National Park, although difficult to get to without your own transport, is popular with ornithologists. The lake is unusually shallow and is home to a vast variety of birds and fish. Winter time, during the migratory season, is the most interesting time to visit.

Tunisia Culture

There is evidence around Tunisia of the various people who came and settled in the land from Phoenicians to Romans and from Spanish to French. There are many historical sites and archaeological museums.

Tunisians are fond of their festivals and celebrate with music and dance. The music festival in the Roman coliseum at El Jem is a night to remember.

Tunisia Nightlife

Many of the larger hotels in Tunisia have their own nightclubs so much of the entertainment is hotel based. There are however many lively bars and discos in the larger resorts. Although Tunisia is an Islamic country alcohol is readily available.

Tunisia Shopping

Tunisia is a souvenir hunter’s paradise. There are so many opportunities for shopping in the medinas, bazaars and markets. Except for the more formal shops where prices are controlled, bartering is a way of life to be enjoyed by both the seller and the customer.

The richness of olive wood is shown to good effect in the carved bowls, kitchen utensils and even in jewellery items.Local crafts are on sale including pottery and ceramics, carpets, silver jewellery and goods made from brass, copper and leather. Don't get carried away. Remember your luggage allowance is limited.

Tunisia Eating

As expected with its long coastline, fish is an important part of the Tunisian diet. Cous cous is the national dish and this is combined with meat or vegetables and spices. A popular fast food is called ‘brik’ which is filo pastry filled with egg and vegetables or meat and then deep fried.

There are many restaurants in the larger resorts which serve a good range of international cuisine.

Local wines are good and reasonably priced.

Drink only bottled water.

Local Tunisia Customs

Although Tunisia is one of the most liberal of the Islamic countries visitors should be sensitive to their traditions. Beachwear is for the beach otherwise dress should be modest. Overt displays of affection should be avoided.

Homosexuality is illegal in Tunisia.

People working in the tourist and leisure industries are reliant on tips.

The best time to look for a cheap holiday in Tunisia is just outside of the peak summer months. If you look to visit Tunisia in May or October then there’s a pretty good chance you’ll be able to get a bargain flight and a cheap hotel too.

You may be able to get a cheap Tunisia holiday in June, depending on factors, such as the weather in the UK and what kind of sporting events are going on. When the UK is weather is exceptionally good, or when there is a special sporting event, holiday suppliers sometimes have special offers on cheap holidays to Tunisia.

Tunisia has over 1200 kilometres of coast, and with sun for most of the year, you can still enjoy this weather even if you do decide to take your holiday before the majority of other holiday makers will in the peak summer months. Temperatures will still be around 20°C in the winter months, so Tunisia is an ideal cheap holiday destination to go to escape the freezing winters in the UK.

Many people even prefer to wait until after the scorching summer season to take a holiday to Tunisia because the temperature might be just too hot to enjoy it.

One of the main attractions to Tunisia is Carthage, and there are plenty of archaeological sites and museums where you’ll be able to find out everything you could ever want to know about the Romans who conquered this place in 146 BC. Other attractions include various golf courses and art galleries all over the region.

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