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Cheap Ibiza Holidays

Ibiza is known as the party capital of Europe, but it's attractions go much further than it's extravagant night life. View our in-depth Ibiza holidays travel guide for more information on all of the major tourist spots available. You can also learn when to pick up a great bargain holiday deal with our cheap Ibiza holidays guide.

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Ibiza Introduction

The third largest and most westerly of the Balearic islands, Ibiza is famous not only for its extravagant nightlife, but also for its beautiful Mediterranean beaches, towering cliffs and spectacular sunsets. With hot summers and mild Mediterranean winters, Ibiza is a year round destination for clubbers, families, or those simply seeking to relax in beautiful Mediterranean surroundings.

Why Go To Ibiza?

Ibiza has become one of Europe's premier tourist destinations, largely due to its legendary status as the party capital of Europe. Ibiza nightlife is mainly centered around two areas: Ibiza Town, the island's capital on the eastern shore and San Antonio to the West. But this is only one side of the Ibiza experience. Away from the bustle of the towns with their frenzied nightlife, it is possible to discover the more leisurely pace of Ibiza life. With its stunning scenery, secluded beaches, fine hotels and upscale restaurants, Ibiza is a haven for those seeking to explore a Mediterranean paradise of pine trees and olive groves, of quaint old fashioned farmhouses and winding cobbled streets.

The superb climate and the variety of activities available on the island make Ibiza a favourite destination for families with children, young people and couples of all ages throughout the year.

When To Go To Ibiza?

Ibiza enjoys a typical Mediterranean climate with hot summers and milder winters. The summer season runs from June to September and is popular with families and young people taking advantage of the fantastic beaches and legendary nightlife. Out of season, the temperature remains mild, and the island, although much quieter is popular with visitors who come to discover a different Ibiza; one of sleepy provincial towns, unspoilt sandy beaches and remote rocky coves. Throughout the winter months the island of Ibiza is a paradise for walking, riding and swimming.

Ibiza - The Place

Ibiza is the most hilly of the Balearic islands, with a dramatic rocky coastline and some of the most beautiful sandy beaches of the Mediterranean. Away from the bustle of the main tourist resorts on the coast, Ibiza is an island of quaint little villages with white-washed houses set amongst terraces of almond trees and olive groves. Away from the coastal developments, many old farmhouses have been converted into holiday villas, which has helped to preserve the unspoilt nature of the interior of the island. In spite of its popularity as a tourist destination, Ibiza Town has managed to retain much of its ancient charm and character, particularly the Old Town area with its lively harbour, narrow cobbled streets and whitewashed houses.

Ibiza Culture

The development of mass tourism has inevitably left its mark on the island, however even in the main towns and cities, the influence of the different nationalities which have colonized the island throughout the centuries are evident in the architecture, the music and the traditional cuisine.

Ibiza Nightlife

Ibiza is known as the party capital of Europe, and with good reason. Ibiza Town and San Antonio host the world famous Pasha, Space and Amnesia where the party starts at midnight and continues until dawn. For a less frantic pace, Ibiza Old Town guarantees evenings with a more typical Mediterranean feel. Tiny bars and fantastic restaurants overlook the bustling harbour, where evenings are spent wandering the cobbled streets and soaking up the unique Ibizan atmosphere.

Ibiza Shopping

Ibiza offers a wealth of shopping opportunities, from smart designer outlets and chic boutiques to colourful local market stalls. The Paseo Vara de Rey in Ibiza Town has a variety of shops and designer outlets, as well as plenty of excellent bars and restaurants. By contrast, the ‘Hippy Markets' provide the perfect opportunity to sample a much loved aspect of Ibizan culture, selling local crafts, leather goods and African and Asian jewellery and trinkets.Many shops still close for the traditional siesta from 1.30pm till 4.30pm but stay open late into the evening.

Ibiza Eating

Ibiza has restaurants to suit every taste and budget, from burger bars to cosy rural terraces and romantic beach locations in the famous Ibiza sunset. The traditional cuisine is Spanish, and local specialities tend to be fish, pork and lamb. As in any popular tourist destination, the best restaurants will often be found away from the busy centres and it is worth venturing further afield to sample some true Ibizan cuisine.

Local Ibiza Customs

It is customary in Ibiza to tip around ten per cent in restaurants, and to round up to the nearest Euro in bars. Ibiza is a Catholic country and it is expected that shoulders and legs are covered when visiting churches and holy places.

The best time to find a cheap Ibiza holiday is in May or October, just outside of the busy summer season. Doing this will not only bring the price down on your flights or accommodation, but will also enable you to find much better deals on things like drinks too.

Ibiza is famous for it's extravagant night life, but whether you're going there to party of not, there's more to the island than it's many night clubs. Leisurely beaches with stunning scenery await exploration, and with the temperatures staying mild throughout the winter, it's an ideal time to visit if you're looking for a cheap Ibiza holiday.

The summer is busier and the temperature is hotter, but if relaxation in the cooler UK months is what you're after, Ibiza is a great option for winter sun. Swimming, walking and riding are all popular activities out of season, as well as visiting small quiet villages and seeing the unspoilt nature of the island.

The night life doesn't need much explanation. Ibiza is known as the party capital of Europe for a reason, and this goes on all the way through the year. Ibiza Town and San Antonio are understandably busy in the main summer months, but will still pull in a crowd at any part of the year.

For a cheap holiday in Ibiza for the lowest price possible, you'll need to look into going between October and May, avoiding any major holidays such as Christmas, New Year and school half term holidays.