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Ibiza Town Introduction

Ibiza Town, also known by its Catalan name Eivissa, is the capital of the island and lies on the south east coast. Famous for its extravagant nightlife, Ibiza Town is very popular with young British holidaymakers who flock to its streets every year. Drawn by the promise of sunny beaches and an absolutely heaving nightlife, visitors are often surprised to find that an Ibiza Town holiday offers much more than this. Old fortifications, impressive cathedral, fine restaurants and a variety of excellent shops make Ibiza Town a very attractive holiday destination.

Why go to Ibiza Town

Ibiza Town has more than one face and therefore attracts a variety of people. As always, good weather is high on the list, followed by a truly frenetic nightlife. With an interesting history, excellent restaurants and shops, a large marina and beaches within walking distance, the town appeals to a much broader range of people than just eighteen to thirty year olds.

Ibiza Town draws young people to its gates like moths to candle flames. At the height of the summer season the bars and clubs are full of eighteen to thirty year olds dancing and drinking through the night. The town has a harbour without a beach and, although there are beaches within walking distance, this could deter families with small children. Early and late season, when the majority of clubbers have left, is the time favoured by couples who are interested in the history and culture of the town.

When To Go To Ibiza Town

The holiday season in Ibiza Town begins in late April and lasts until October with temperatures ranging from the twenties to the mid thirties.

Ibiza Town - The Place

Ibiza Town has had many inhabitants throughout the centuries including Phoenicians, Romans and Moors. It is comprised of three areas. The old town on the hill, D’alt Vila is an ancient fortress city built by King Felipe II to protect it from regular invasions and sackings by the many pirates who roamed the waters beyond the bay. The fortified walls are well preserved as are the watch towers. There are excellent views from here across the bay. The Gothic Baroque Cathedral Church of Santa Maria dating from the fourteenth century is well worth a visit. The narrow cobbled streets have many fine restaurants and boutiques. The winding streets down by the harbour, a favourite haunt of ‘drag queens’, are very busy in the summer as is the new town expanded to accommodate holidaymakers. Although Ibiza Town itself does not have a beach, there are three within one to two kilometres of the town. Playa D’en Bossa, two kilometres from the town centre, has a long sandy beach and boasts two of the best discos namely ‘Space’ and ‘Boro Boro’. Talamanca, fifteen minutes walk beyond the marina, is peaceful and has a beautiful sandy beach. A two hourly ferry service, taking only thirty minutes runs from the port to the tiny peaceful island of Formentera. The beaches here are glorious.

Ibiza Town Nightlife

Ibiza Town, with its many bars, discos and nightclubs, is renowned for its frenetic nightlife. Doors usually open at ten in the evening and do not close until six in the morning. The most luxurious nightclubs are ‘Pacha’ and El Divino’.

Ibiza Town Shopping

Ibiza Town has excellent retailing facilities enough to satisfy the most avaricious of shoppers. In addition to the usual beach, craft and gift shops there are a large number of specialist shops and designer boutiques.

Ibiza Town Eating

Ibiza Town has something for everyone. Whether you have an unadventurous palate or seek new thrills to delight the taste buds Ibiza Town bars and restaurants will give you satisfaction. There are many fine restaurants in the old town where you can dine in a tranquil setting away from the buzz of the harbour. Fish remains a major part of the island’s cuisine. The ‘catch of the day’ specials are usually delicious and very good value. Spanish wines are pleasant and inexpensive. As always, when in Spain, children are warmly welcomed.