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Cheap Egypt Holidays

Egypt is a fantastic destination for holidaymakers. With year-round sunshine and very hot weather, along with crystal clear waters and beautiful sights, there's no surprise so many people are visiting the area. View our Egypt travel guide and learn about all aspects of a holiday to the country, or read our cheap holidays guide for a bargain.

Egypt Introduction

Egypt, situated in North Africa, is a large country with two coastlines. To the north is the Mediterranean Sea and to the east is the Red Sea. It is a land of contrasts from arid desert to fertile delta and from ancient pyramids and temples to modern cities and twenty first century holiday resorts sporting five star luxury hotels.

Why Go To Egypt?

Egypt, the land of the Pharaohs, is unique. No where else on earth can you find the wealth of antiquities, the pyramids and the vast temples and monuments. Added to this, the Red Sea Riviera provides miles of sandy beaches, clear blue water, beautiful coral reefs, wide ranging water sport facilities and hotels that pamper to the nth degree. With Nile cruises, camel rides, jeep safaris, hot air balloons and numerous other pursuits, Egypt draws many tourists to its shores. All of this and much more is just a five hour flight from the UK.

Egypt has very broad appeal. Families, sun seekers, golfers, surfers, divers and those with an interest in ancient history will find what they are looking for in Egypt. It provides year round heat, clear warm waters, marvellous coral reefs, temples and ancient tombs. Egypt really does have something for everyone.

When To Go To Egypt

The winter months are a good time to visit Egypt when the temperatures lie comfortably in the twenties. The summer months can reach up to forty degrees in the cities and although it is a little cooler at the coast it remains very hot.

Egypt - The Place

Egypt is a wonderful holiday destination offering such a variety of differing experiences to the traveller.

The evidence of ancient civilizations is everywhere, in the towns and cities, in the deserts and even at the coast. The sheer magnificence of the pyramids and temples is overwhelming.

The Red Sea coast resorts with their backdrop of cinnamon coloured mountains and their clear blue sea are a snorkeller’s paradise as the waters are filled with a huge variety of colourful fish and beautiful corals. Numerous water sporting opportunities are available.

Because there are so many things to see, many people choose to take a Nile cruise which gives them a taste of both the ancient and the modern.

Egypt Culture

Egyptians are deeply religious and this governs their daily lives. They are a hospitable and friendly people, welcoming visitors to their country and going out of their way to be helpful. Nothing ever seems to be too much trouble.

Egypt Nightlife

The nightlife in Egyptian cities differs from that in the coastal resorts where the entertainment is mainly hotel based often with live music and belly dancers. The cities, on the other hand, are much livelier places with bars, clubs and the occasional casinos.

Egypt Shopping

There are many opportunities for shopping in Egypt, from the numerous retailers in the large cities where prices are fixed and where it would be a little indelicate to barter, to the plentiful supply of bazaars and street markets where haggling has almost become an art form. There is a wide range of gold and silver jewellery, leather goods, carpets, alabaster ornaments and papyrus pictures depicting ancient Egyptian art. All make very acceptable souvenir gifts. Don’t forget your stuffed camel!

Egypt Eating

Egyptian restaurants provide every kind of cuisine from locally produced food to international fare. The Egyptian dish falafel is deep fried balls of ground chickpeas with onions, peppers and spices served with pitta bread, a delicious treat that shouldn’t be missed. Drink only bottled water while in Egypt and check that the cap is sealed.

Local Egypt Customs

All people working in the tourist and leisure industries are heavily reliant on tips that are usually much deserved. The kindness and helpfulness of the people is well known. Children are always made especially welcome.

The best time to pick up a bargain cheap Egypt holiday would be if you’re looking to book in May, June, November or December. Egypt offers excellent sunshine all year round and for those who want to avoid the soaring summer temperatures but still enjoy a spot of sun, a slightly out of season holiday may be the best choice of all. What’s more, Egypt is a very cheap place to visit anyway, so if you can wait for bargains on your flights and accommodation, you might find you have the holiday of a lifetime for a price that suits your wallet just fine.

Eating out in Egypt is so cheap all year round, that it might be beneficial for you to book into bed and breakfast only accommodation and visit the fantastic restaurants around the cities to eat at night. This is an excellent way to save money and get a cheap holiday.

Because Egypt is sunny almost all year, there’s plenty of time to see it’s many tourist attractions such as the Pyramids, the valley of the kings, or to take a cruise down the Nile. Egypt also has a number of golf courses which may be of some interest to any sports fans.

Another main attraction to Egypt is the fantastic scuba diving which once again tends to operate throughout most of the year. Whether you’ve done it before or not, there are plenty of ways to explore the beautiful underwater world of the land of the Pharaohs.

One of the weirdest things you’ll ever see is the South Sinai Camel Festival in May. It gives travellers a chance to change their opinion on whether or not camels are slow travellers. How, you may ask? Through camel racing of course! One of the bumpiest races you’re ever likely to see takes place in Sharm el-Sheikh and is definitely worth a look.

With all of this, and plenty more activities and sights to see, Egypt is a holiday destination you can visit all year round. If you’re looking to make your holiday as cheap as possible, May, June, November and December are your best bets.

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