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Taba Heights Holidays

Taba Heights Holidays

Taba Heights Introduction

Taba Heights is a new Red Sea resort situated close to the border of Israel in the Sinai peninsula on the edge of the gulf of Aqaba. It lies in an area of outstanding natural beauty framed as it is by the cinnamon coloured mountains of Sinai which positively glow in the sunshine. In front, lies the crystal clear water of the Red Sea. As the daytime temperature never dips below 20 degrees Taba Heights is a popular year round holiday destination.

Why Go To Taba Heights?

The coral beds and marine life at Taba Heights present some of the best opportunities for snorkeling in the world. Apart from the beauty of the coral, there is a huge variety of colourful fish. There are also turtles, dolphins and barracudas. Scuba diving is a major attraction and there are a number of diving schools available. The Sinai Desert invites exploration whether on quad bikes or jeeps, or for a more tranquil journey, on a camel or on horseback. For golfers there is a championship course which has views over three countries.

Taba Heights will appeal to a wide variety of people. There are opportunities here for both those who wish to relax in the sun and for those who enjoy a more energetic holiday. Excursions are possible for those who to visit local attractions such as the Island of the Pharoah or the monastery of St. Catherine.

When To Go To Taba Heights?

If you enjoy really hot sunshine the July and August temperatures reach mid to late thirties. For those who like a more temperate climate December, January, February and March would be an ideal holiday period. Year round sunshine means that watersports and excursions are available all year round.

Taba Heights - The Place

Taba Heights is a well planned resort of luxury hotels surrounded by landscaped gardens and lagoons. The facilities are excellent and provide a wide range of activities including swimming pools and relaxing spas, tennis courts and. kids'clubs. There are five kilometers of white beaches offering a variety of watersports, snorkeling and scuba diving.

Taba Heights Culture

Egyptians whether Muslim or Copt are deeply religious and this governs their daily lives. They are hospitable and friendly, welcoming visitors to their country.

Taba Heights Nightlife

There are a few bars in Taba Heights but the entertainment is mainly centred around the hotels which offer full programmes of evening entertainment to suit all tastes. For those who like a flutter there is also a 24 hour casino.

Taba Heights Shopping

Although shopping opportunities are limited, the hotels have a good selection of gift shops selling souvenirs, local craft items and holiday memorabilia.

Taba Heights Eating

Taba Heights provides a wide variety of international cuisine to suit most tastes. The local tap water is not suitable for drinking, but bottled water is widely available at a very reasonable price.

Local Taba Heights Customs

Egypt is a predominantly Muslim society with a small Christian population. The Egyptian people are kind, tolerant and non judgmental. They respect other people's opinions and are very fond of the British. However, this is a Muslim country and overtly sexual or overtly drunken behaviour is not tolerated. Topless sunbathing is not acceptable; however dress styles for holidaymakers are the same as most sunshine destinations. All people working in the leisure or service industries rely heavily on tips. Tips should not be offered to a professional, such as a doctor, for services rendered as they will feel insulted. It is customary for an Egyptian when offered something to refuse the first invitation, therefore do the same. If the invitation is repeated, it is genuine.

There are a few times during the year where you may be able to find a good cheap deal on a holiday to Taba Heights, Egypt. Looking in November or early December is one of these times, as is looking in May or June where you may be able to pick up a bargain due to the extremely hot temperatures in the peak summer period.

Egypt is a very cheap place to visit however, so you may wish to save even more money and book into a bed and breakfast hotel and use the savings to eat out in the many restaurants and cafés around the resort.

The daytime temperature in Taba Heights never drops below 20 degrees C, and with wonderful scenery such as the Sinai mountains in the background, it's no surprise the area is an incredibly popular holiday destination for many people.

The coral beds in Taba Heights offer some of the best snorkelling destinations in the world with beautiful corral and plenty of different species of fish to spot. You'll also see dolphins, turtles and barracudas in the clear Egyptian waters.

Scuba diving is one of the main attractions to the area, and you'll find plenty of scuba schools. Whether you've done it before or not, there is always the chance of diving in the amazingly warm waters.

There are of course many more things to see and do in Taba Heights, but if you're interested in booking a cheap holiday to find out about them yourself, the best time to book is May and June or November and early December.