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Prague Holidays

Prague Introduction

Prague is a city whose beauty has survived the ravages of time and also the destruction suffered by so many European cities during the Second World War. Its medieval layout remains intact and its architecture is stunning. Stroll through the narrow streets of the old town which open into cobbled squares and be amazed by the splendour of its churches with their gothic spires and buildings with their baroque facades. Prague Castle, across the River Vitava and up the hill, commands attention, particularly at night when the Cathedral of St. Vitus is illuminated.

Why Go To Prague

Prague offers magnificent architecture, excellent shopping facilities including many market stalls. There is nightlife to suit all tastes and restaurants catering for all palates and pockets. Those interested in music will find many lunchtime and evening concerts often performed in churches.

Prague has wide appeal. Couples enjoy ambling through the city enjoying its beauty and romance. Its lively nightlife attracts many ‘stag’ and ‘hen’ weekends.

Prague has many return visitors as one trip is simply not enough.

When To Go To Prague

A Prague city break can be enjoyed at any time of year. Prague has hot summers and cold winters with spring and summer being the sunniest months. The most popular time to visit is the summer which does result in crowded restaurants. Visit in autumn and you will be rewarded by the brilliantly coloured trees and bushes.

Prague - The Place

Prague is a wonderful city with so many of its old buildings surviving through the centuries. The narrow streets of the old town are full of surprises as they twist and turn and open out onto small squares filled with yet more architectural beauties. The wide river is spanned by many bridges the most famous of which is the pedestrianised Charles Bridge. It dates from 1342 with towers at both ends and sculptures of saints set into the bridge piers. Stall holders line the bridge selling craft items and paintings.

The Prague opera is world famous, boasting some of the finest opera performances in Europe. There are numerous opportunities for enjoying classical concerts as they are regularly performed both at lunchtime and in the evening in churches, palaces, opera houses and even in the open-air.

Across the river and up the hill from the old town is Prague Castle. There is so much to see that to do it justice you need to allow a minimum of half a day to explore the many wonderful buildings within its walls.

The tram system is an excellent way of travelling between the sights. Buy a two or three day ticket which are very reasonably priced and you can get on and off as you wish.

Prague Nightlife

Nightlife in Prague can be as lively or as peaceful as you choose. Clubs playing Euro pop, hip hop, house and rave music will satisfy young party goers from dusk until dawn.

Prague’s bars and pubs range from trendy shot bars to log fired drinking inns. Traditional pubs serve the local beers which are of course cheaper than the imports. Prague's pubs and bars appeal to everyone.

Prague Shopping

The central Prague shopping area reaches down Wenceslas Square where there are many malls. There are many luxury boutiques and specialist shops. The old town has an enormous number of gift and souvenir shops. Crystal shops abound as do those selling wooden toys and puppets. Prague Easter markets run daily from 08-30 March 2008 at the Old Town Square and Wenceslas Square. Here you will find traditional handicrafts as well as local produce. There is also a Christmas market.

Prague Eating

There are an enormous number of restaurants providing everything from fast food to haute cuisine. Eating in a Czech restaurant with traditional cuisine washed down with Czech beer is inexpensive. Czech cuisine uses a lot of fried or roasted meat, usually pork of beef which is often served in a sauce with dumplings, potatoes or rice. When choosing dumplings, forget the memory of the crusty suet variety that your mother used to make or you will surely be disappointed. Think rather of thick-sliced Mother’s Pride and you won’t be far wrong.