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Poros Introduction

Poros lies in the south east of Kefalonia forty kilometres south west of Argostoli. It has one of the busiest ports on the island and as such welcomes visitors at any time of year. Surrounded by fertile mountains adorned with pine forests and olive groves, Poros is an attractive town that developed after the earthquake in 1953, when most of its dwellings were demolished. At that time it was a small fishing community but now it is a thriving port and a busy tourist centre. It is noted for its expanses of sandy beaches and the clarity of its water. It is a peaceful resort offering relaxation, good accommodation and food as well as a variety of recreational activities.

Why Go To Poros?

A Poros holiday is the ideal choice for those looking for an enchanting place to relax on soft sandy beaches lapped by warm clear blue seas. The laid back atmosphere continues into the evening when holidaymakers stroll along the waterfront watching the wonderful sunsets before repairing to a traditional taverna to eat and drink. Those who like walking will find many picturesque hillside trails suited to ramblers and hikers of all fitness levels.

A Poros holiday appeals mainly to families and couples of all ages. The lack of lively evening venues would make it less popular with young singles. Ramblers enjoy the many opportunities for hill walking.

When To Go To Poros

The Poros holiday season lasts from April until October when the temperature ranges from twenty to thirty degrees. Although summer is the most popular time to visit Poros, because it is a busy port tourist facilities are open year round. Kefalonia in springtime has a spectacular array of wild flowers.

Poros - The Place

Poros in the south east of Kefalonia is surrounded by stunning scenery. The mountains of Atros and Pahni clad in lush green pines form a backdrop for the village which faces the startlingly blue water of the Ionian Sea. The coastline is covered in sandy beaches and small coves. Although Poros has a fairly busy port, the pace of life is slow and relaxed. Being far from the principle town of Argostoli, Poros never seems overcrowded either in the village itself or on the beaches. It has shops for essentials as well as gifts and souvenirs. Poros nightlife is low-key with entertainment being provided by bars, tavernas and restaurants.
The Virgin Mary Monastery is north west of the village and sits on top of a small hill. The walk is worth doing if only for the sake of the view. Another tourist attraction is the gorge of Poros, a ravine eighty metres deep with steep rocky slopes and hollowed rocks said to be the footprints of Hercules.
For many visitors one Poros holiday is not enough. Many holidaymakers return to experience again the relaxed traditional Greek atmosphere and the warm hospitality of its people.

Poros Nightlife

The island of Kefalonia is not noted for its nightlife and Poros is no exception. Evening entertainment is provided by the bars, tavernas and restaurants and although there are some music bars that remain open until the early hours, Poros is a place where most people retire fairly early.

Poros Shopping

Poros has a range of shops providing holiday essentials as well as gifts and souvenirs. Popular tourist buys are colourful ceramics, embroidered linens, copperware, leather goods, soaps made from olive oil and of course the famous boiled sweets from Voskopoula.

Poros Eating

Poros has tavernas, cafes, bars and restaurants which provide a wide range of food to accommodate most tastes. Fish plays an important part in the island’s diet as the local fishermen land their catch daily. Small fried fish, shellfish and kalamari are firm favourites. Prawn saganaki is a popular dish which is rich and creamy with king prawns, garlic tomato and feta cheese. Lamb and chicken are used most commonly in meat dishes.
Local wines, including the famous Robolla, are easy on the palate as well as the purse.
Eating in Kefalonia is meant to be an unhurried pleasure. Don’t mistake the relaxed attitude of waiters for tardy service.