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Cheap Montuiri Holidays


Why go to Montuiri?


Montuiri holidays offer a complete contrast to the usual Majorcan beach holiday. Forget about crowded shores filled with sun worshippers, neon lights and throbbing music. Montuiri is all about sightseeing, walking and cycling, dining in traditional restaurants and experiencing the warm hospitality of genuine islanders. It is a good base for those who wish to combine relaxing days on the beach with sightseeing and exploration of the island. There are many sightseeing opportunities in the area and there are good road links to Palma.


Who is Montuiri popular with?

Montuiri holidays are popular with couples of all ages. They appeal to those with an interest in history, and in cycling and. The coast is easily accessed for those who wish to combine sightseeing with relaxing days on the beach. Golfers have a choice of courses in the vicinity.


When to go to Montuiri

Montuiri holidays can be taken taken from April to the end of October. Temperatures rise from twenty to the low thirties at the height of summer. Early and late season, when the weather is more temperate, are popular times for walkers, cyclists and sightseers.


Montuiri  - The place

Montuiri holidays take you to an attractive hilltop town lying centrally in Majorca, a short distance from Manacor. The dome of the church of St. Bartomeu dominates this small town whose buildings are all very traditional and whose architecture reflects its history. The surrounding countryside could be called the bread basket of Majorca as this fertile land is highly productive. Windmills, that in the past were used for grinding the grain, are a feature of the landscape. Close to the town are found Talayots, monolithic structures dating from 2000BC which are thought to have been constructed by North African nomadic cave dwellers. Montuiri is a charming place where the pace of life is slow, ideal for those wishing to relax in the warmth of the summer sun and enjoy an authentic Majorcan atmosphere.

Montuiri holidays are ideal for those who wish to combine sightseeing with walking and cycling in the countryside, as well as a round of golf and occasional trips to the sandy beaches of the south or the north-eastern coasts.

Montuiri accommodation provides for all budgets and its restaurants, serve a wide variety of cuisine which caters for most tastes. The provision of shops is more than adequate but if further choice is needed you can take the bus to the capital Palma.

If you wish to make the most of your Montuiri holiday, car hire is recommended.


Montuiri nightlife

Although Montuiri has a number of lively bars, nightlife is fairly low key. Montuiri is very much a residential area and is not one that parties until dawn. There are many restaurants where you can spend a pleasant evening in the company of family and friends. Evenings are often spent wandering through the narrow streets of the town when the heat of the day is over, as this is the best time for holiday shopping.


Montuiri shopping

Montuiri has a more than adequate number of shops providing for all your holiday needs, including gifts and souvenirs. There is also a market each Monday. The shops of both Manacor and Palma are within easy reach, the former is home of the island's pearl manufacture and tours of the factory are available. The jewellery made there makes a very acceptable gift. Popular purchases include leather goods manufactured locally, embroidered linens and lace, pottery and ceramics, basketry and jewellery.


Montuiri Eating

Montuiri restaurants serve an eclectic cuisine that caters for all tastes. If you are new to the flavours of Spain, order tapas and you will be given a selection of tasty morsels which will surely delight your taste buds. Local wines are as pleasing to the palate as they are to the pocket. Children are always made very welcome and their tastes and portion sizes are usually accommodated.