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Find information on Calas De Mallorca in our Travel Guide covering sights, foods and nightlife plus more...

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Calas De Mallorca Introduction

Calas De Mallorca is a purpose built resort on the east coast of Majorca with a transfer time of one hour from the airport at Palma. With a choice of three beaches offering a range of water sports Calas De Mallorca is the place to come for relaxation on a sandy beach. There are shops, bars and restaurants supplying the many needs of holidaymakers and there are numerous attractions in the area. Calas De Mallorca is an ideal place for exploring the east coast of the island.

Why Go To Calas De Mallorca

A Calas De Mallorca holiday provides a relaxing resort centred around three sandy beaches bathed by clear blue sea. There are water sports for the more active and a good supply of bars, shops and small restaurants lining the beach. Evening entertainment is centred around the hotels, bars and restaurants and is fairly low key.

A Calas De Mallorca holiday is very popular with families, particularly those with small children. The water sporting activities attract young energetic visitors and couples of all ages come to enjoy the peace and relaxation. Young singles would probably find the resort lacking life in the evening as there is no wild entertainment.

When To Go To Calas De Mallorca

The holiday season in Calas De Mallorca lasts from the end of April until late October with temperatures ranging from the twenties to the mid thirties.

Calas De Mallorca - The Place

The eastern coast of Mallorca with its sun drenched beaches is usually quieter than the south coast and Calas De Mallorca is no exception. It is a peaceful resort with a very relaxed atmosphere. Purpose built, it is blessed with three beaches which have a road train connecting them for ease of transfer. There is also a cliff path joining the beaches for those who enjoy a little exercise. The beaches are Cala Antena, Cala Domingos Grand and Domingos Petis, all are sandy and they provide a wide range of water sports. The beaches are surrounded by shops, restaurants and bars providing for your every need.

The Sunday morning market in Felanitx claims to be the best on the island and should not be missed. The town of Manacor offers interesting tours around its artificial pearl factory and provides the opportunity for buying jewellery.

There are many child-centred attractions including a zoo and bird sanctuary as well as a small funfair. One of Majorca’s most popular attractions lies on the east coast. Visitors travel from all over the island to visit Drach’s Caves which have an incredible array of stalactites and stalagmites all dramatically illuminated. Concerts are held in the largest cavern which also holds a lake.

A Calas De Mallorca holiday offers a relaxing break in a modern resort with good accommodation and a wide range of leisure activities.

Calas De Mallorca Nightlife

Much of the nightlife in Calas De Mallorca is based at the hotels and is fairly low key. Although there are a number of bars in the commercial centre of the resort, some with live music, and also a few discos, Calas De Mallorca is not noted for its nightlife.

Calas De Mallorca Shopping

Calas De Mallorca has shops providing visitors with holiday essentials as well as those supplying gifts and souvenirs. The Sunday market in nearby Felanitx is one of the best on the island and offers the chance to barter for holiday mementoes such as the local property. Not far away is the town of Manacor which is the centre of the pearl industry. These are artificial pearls made from glass and fish scales. Although the process does not sound very appealing the resultant pearls certainly are. Tours can be taken round the factory and pearls and jewellery can be bought.

Calas De Mallorca Eating

There are a number of restaurants in Calas De Mallorca providing a range of food from international cuisine to traditional local dishes. Fish plays a large part in Majorcan menus and is always fresh and generally beautifully cooked. Tapas are a good way to sample local food as a variety of dishes are served in small portions, ideal as a first course or to fill the sometimes lengthy gap between lunch and dinner.