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Campanet holidays take you to a small town surrounded by the Tramuntana mountains in the north of Majorca. With stunning scenery, a traditional atmosphere, and only twenty minutes from the coast, Campanet is a good baste for those wishing to combine walking and sightseeing with lazy days on the beach.

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Why go to Campanet?

Campanet holidays take you to a town barely touched by tourism, where the pace of life has changed little over the decades. Set in a beautiful landscape, ideal for walkers, Campanet is an attractive town, famous for its limestone caves.


Who is Campanet popular with?

Campanet is particularly popular couples seeking a retreat from busy lives, and for those with a love of walking.


When to go to Campanet

Campanet holidays can be taken taken at any time of year as the winters are mild. April to October are the most popular times to visit with temperatures rising into the thirties at the height of the season. Early and late season, when the temperatures are lower, are the most popular time for walkers.


Campanet - The place

If you want a holiday in Majorca but wish to avoid the busy coastal areas, Campanet may be just the ticket. It is a charming inland village, nestling in the hills of the beautiful northern landscape. Framed by the Tramuntana mountains and surrounded by groves of oranges, almonds and olives, Campanet is an idyllic spot. The landscape begs to be explored on foot. In the unlikely event that it rains, visit Ses Fonts Ufanes, an intermittent spring that spurts from the ground and feeds down to the marshland at S'Albufera. The local limestone caves are also worth a visit.

Although Campanet is not a major tourist centre, it has a range of accommodation to suit most budgets. Likewise, its restaurants cater for most tastes. Shopping is more than adequate and supplies all your holiday essentials. The village square is a hub of low-key activity after dark, with some friendly pubs and traditional tapas bars.

If you fancy a day or two by the sea, you are only twenty minutes away from the beaches of Pollensa and Alcudia.


Campanet nightlife

Since Campanet is not really a tourist town, nightlife is very low key. Evenings are spent strolling through the pretty streets, wining and dining under the stars.


Campanet shopping

Campanet shopping caters for all of your holiday needs including gifts and souvenirs. If more choice is needed, take the bus to Palma where you'll find an abundance of specialist shops and boutiques. Popular purchases include local pottery and glass, leather goods, embroidered linens, basketry and jewellery.


Campanet Eating

Campanet eating caters for most tastes. Restaurants serve a variety of food from local island fare to international cuisine. If you are new to the flavours of Spain, order tapas and you'll receive a variety of tasty, bite sized morsels. They are useful if you wish to stave off hunger during the sometimes long gap between lunch and dinner. Local wines are as pleasing to the pocket as they are to the palate. Children are always welcome customers and their taste and portion sizes are usually accommodated.