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Dalaman Holidays

Dalaman Holidays

Dalaman - Introduction

Dalaman is situated in the Mugla Province in the west of Turkey. It is an area of natural beauty lying between the mountains and the sea. As a developing tourist region it is a quiet and peaceful spot having great swathes of gold and white sands, warm seas and guaranteed sunshine. Dalaman makes an ideal holiday destination.

Why Go To Dalaman?

Turkey retains its traditional appeal enabling visitors to experience the authentic atmosphere of Turkish life while enjoying the facilities that holiday makers have grown to expect.

The beaches in Dalaman are excellent with a wide variety of water sporting facilities. The nightlife is often centred round hotels and resort complexes. The diverse cuisine satisfies most palates.

Those interested in ancient history will find a large number of fascinating archaeological sites.

Dalaman is particularly popular with families with small children. Those who are looking for a quiet relaxing holiday will find all they need in Dalaman. The more energetic holiday maker will discover a wide range of sporting activities both in and out of the water. It is an ideal spot for those interested in the ancient past.

When To Go To Dalaman

The holiday season lasts from early spring until late autumn when the temperature range is from the twenties to the high thirties. Although summer is the most popular time to visit Dolaman, the early spring and autumn are also inviting when the sun is not so fierce and the waters are still warm.

Dalaman - The Place

Dalaman has a bustling airport and yet the area remains quiet and unspoilt. The town itself has many cafes, restaurants and tea gardens to attract visitors.

Dalaman is in a very scenic area with many very pretty resorts.

Fethiye, built on the site of an ancient town on the wooded hillsides of Mount Mendos, has wonderful beaches and safe water that never dips below sixty degrees Fahrenheit. There you can visit the Lycian Rock Tombs carved into the cliffs.

Icmeler, which was formerly a fishing and diving village, has developed excellent water sport facilities to supply the demand of holidaymakers. There are some high quality hotels and restaurants here for those who enjoy a little extra luxury.

Dalyan has the most diverse flora and fauna in Turkey. It is a protected area where the Loggerhead Turtles come to lay their eggs. Here you can relax your muscles in the soothing mud baths or, if you feel like absorbing the culture you can visit the ancient tombs.

There are many opportunities for those who enjoy retail therapy with numerous shops, bazaars and markets where haggling for goods is an essential part of the shopping experience.

Many visitors avail themselves of a visit to the steaming Turkish baths followed by a massage.

Dalaman Culture

Turkey is steeped in the culture of past civilisations. It has a wealth of ancient ruins and buildings within its shores including many Roman viaducts and theatres and bridges. The Kaunos Archaeological site is well worth a visit with its rock tombs and Roman baths and theatre.

Dalaman Nightlife

The nightlife in Dalaman is suited to those who enjoy quiet evenings although Dalaman Town itself is lively. Entertainment is often hotel based and includes live music and belly dancing displays.

Local cuisine is very good and the restaurants in the larger resorts serve a range of international foods.

Dalaman Shopping

There are always places to shop in Turkey and both Dalaman Town and its surrounding area are no exception. Boutiques, craft and souvenir shops and jewellers are numerous and have long opening hours.

Roadside stalls, bazaars and markets usually sell their goods until late in the evening. Shopkeepers and stall holders have a very positive approach to selling and there is great competition to relieve you of your money. You will be offered many ‘bargains’ but be aware that bartering is expected and that the original price is almost always inflated. There are many outlets for leather goods, carpets and gold and silver jewellery. Don’t forget to buy the blue glass beads, which, according to legend protect you from the evil eye.

Dalaman Eating

In Dalaman there are numerous places to satisfy the appetite ranging from pavement cafes serving traditional food, to restaurants offering international cuisine. Traditional Turkish food is very tasty and there is a great emphasis on vegetables. Meat and fish is usually served grilled and there is a wide variety on offer. Stuffed peppers and vine leaves, kebabs and kofta are firm favourites. The national drink of Turkey is raki which is aniseed flavoured. Only drink bottled water while in Turkey.

Local Dalaman Customs

Turkish people, although friendly, are more formal than the British and behaviour follows certain rules. Hand shaking is the usual form of greeting. Overt displays of affection between the sexes are shown disapproval.

When visiting mosques shoes should be removed and clothing should be modest. Women are expected to cover their hair.

Coffee houses remain part of Turkish culture and even the smallest village will have one. Here the men go to drink their coffee, smoke their pipes and solve the world's problems.

Dalaman, situated in the West of Turkey is a popular holiday destination. If visiting Dalaman appeals to you, but you're looking to save money, you should look for deals appearing in April, May or October. During this time the resorts aren't quite so busy, and as a result you will be to save a fair amount on the price of your flights.

Accommodation will also be cheaper, but to take the most benefit from it, you should consider booking into a self catering or bed and breakfast hotel. This way you'll save extra money on your hotel, but can spend the extra on the cheaper food you'll find in restaurants and shops around the area at this time.

The beaches in Dalaman are the same as the majority of beaches in the rest of the country. Good quality golden sands with warm clear water ready for exploring. They also feature plenty of water sporting activities including jet skiing, snorkelling and scuba diving.

The night life is not quite as lively as some of the other resorts and is generally situated around the resorts and hotels featuring such acts as belly dancing and live music. The local restaurants are very good and some of the larger resorts serve various international foods.

With all this, and of course plenty of shops for you to grab a bargain, visiting Dalaman after booking a cheap holiday in April, May or October might not be such a bad idea.

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