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Olu Deniz Introduction

Olu Deniz lies in a picturesque valley facing the aquamarine water of the Mediterranean and is surrounded by mountains dotted with pine trees. It has a transfer time of two hours and is twelve kilometres from Fethiye. As Olu Deniz is a conservation area its beauty has not been diminished by high rise hotels and uncontrolled development. The lagoon area, famous for its beauty and the colours of its water, is in the National Park and there is a small charge for entry. The beaches are a mix of fine sand and shingle and there are many opportunities for water sports.

Why Go To Olu Deniz

The valley in which Olu Deniz sits is surrounded by pine covered mountains giving shelter to the resort. The lagoon and the spit of land that enters it is one of the most photographed beaches in Turkey. The beach is a fine mix of sand and shingle much enjoyed by families. There are no water sports allowed in the lagoon itself but at the other beaches you can participate in sailing, banana boating, waterskiing, snorkelling and scuba diving as well as a host of other activities. There are numerous bars and restaurants and if you are looking for lively evenings you will find them up the hill at Hisaronu.

Olu Deniz is popular with families with small children and those who just want to relax in the sun. There is a wealth of sporting activities to satisfy the most energetic of holiday makers. Couples of all ages can enjoy the charming village atmosphere, while those looking for lively evenings will find them in nearby Hisaronu.

When To Go To Olu Deniz

The holiday season lasts from early spring until late autumn when the temperature range is from the twenties to the high thirties. Although the summer period is the most popular, spring and autumn are good times to visit historical sites when the days are cooler.

Olu Deniz - The Place

Olu Deniz is a sun lover’s paradise. Guaranteed sunshine on glorious beaches washed by clear turquoise waters warmed by the sun and unlimited refreshment close by. Those who like a more active holiday will find plenty to occupy their days both in and out of the water. There is almost every type of water sport available as well as paragliding from the Babadag Mountain. As you leap from the mountain, try to do so with open eyes as the view is spectacular and you will enjoy your descent to the beach. Hikers enjoy treks in the mountain forest along the nature trails. A popular walk takes you to the deserted Greek village of Kaykoy where there are over three thousand empty dwellings. A treaty in the nineteen fifties gave the village to Turkey so the inhabitants all moved back to Greece and no one moved into the empty homes.

Olu Deniz has shops supplying essentials and souvenirs and a large number of bars and restaurants providing a wide range of menu catering for all tastes.

It is also is one of the best sailing routes in the Mediterranean. The traditional sailing boats, gullets, are available for charter and are an excellent way to explore the coastline and small islands.

If you are looking for a relaxing break with hot sunshine in picturesque surroundings you need look no further than an Olu Deniz holiday.

Olu Deniz Nightlife

Nightlife in Olu Deniz is fairly low key. Although it has many bars, mainly along its waterfront it is not a place that parties until dawn. If this is what would like, take a short minibus ride up the hill to Hisaronu with its numerous dance bars and clubs and you will not be disappointed.

Olu Deniz Shopping

Although the shopping facilities in Olu Deniz provide visitors with holiday essentials and souvenirs for a greater choice a trip to Hisaronu or Fethiye is advisable.

Remember to barter for your goods and you will be better satisfied with your bargains. Some of the best items to buy are leather goods, carpets and silver and gold jewellery.

Olu Deniz Eating

There are many restaurants and bars lining the main beach serving both traditional and international cuisine. This is the place to be, enjoying good food and sipping wine while the sun is slipping into the lagoon. Turkish fare is very tasty and includes stuffed peppers and vine leaves, clay-pot casseroles, kebabs and of course feta cheese, olive and tomato salads. Rice dishes are also popular.