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Varna Holidays

Varna Holidays

Varna Introduction

Varna, the third largest city in Bulgaria, is considered the capital of the Black Sea coast. The town is built on sloping hills around a horse shoe shaped bay and has several kilometres of golden beaches. Bulgaria’s ancient cultural history is evident in the many ancient remains and the medieval churches found in the area.

Why Go To Varna?

A Varna holiday offers long hours of summer sun on beautiful beaches which have won Blue Flag awards. The Black Sea is virtually tideless and makes it an ideal destination for families with small children. The town of Varna, which has existed as a settlement for thousands of years, is an interesting place to explore with its ancient sites, medieval and renaissance buildings.

A Varna holiday caters for all age ranges from the very young to those in the autumn of their years. Families can enjoy the beach with its warm water. Those seeking a more active holiday will find a large range of water sporting activities. People with an interest in history or architecture will find that Varna is well endowed with Roman remains, churches and museums.

When To Go To Varna

Bulgaria has a moderate climate and the summer temperature in Varna lies between mid twenties and thirty degrees, rarely rising above thirty and with an average of eight hours sunshine daily.

Varna - The Place

Varna is a very attractive area built almost like an amphitheatre on the tree clad hills behind the bay. Its fascinating history is evident in both the archaeological sites and the architecture of the town. There are well preserved Roman baths at Varna dating from the second century which must have been spectacular when first built. There are a large number of interesting museums and churches in the area. The Black Sea coast of Bulgaria is a where the majority of visitors spend their summer holiday and Varna is particularly popular. Here you will find miles of sandy beaches. The tideless nature of the Black Sea and the gently sloping sand make it an extremely safe place for small children. The sea temperature lies very pleasantly in the low twenties. Sailing, water skiing and diving are among the activities provided for the more energetic holiday maker.

Enjoy spa treatments at Varna’s thermal springs.

Varna Culture

Traditional music is very important in Bulgarian culture and there are many folklore festivals throughout the year. The brightly coloured national costume is worn on these occasions and it is exciting to watch them swirling round in their lively dances.

Varna Nightlife

The nightlife in Varna caters for all tastes. There are many vibrant clubs and bars in the town. On the waterfront there are many family run restaurants and bars where you can enjoy a quiet evening.

Varna Shopping

Varna provides many opportunities for buying your holiday souvenirs and gifts. Markets sell a wide variety of merchandise including handmade wooden boxes and carvings, leather goods and jewellery.

Varna Eating

The food in Bulgaria is of good quality and generally spicy with lots of fresh fruit and vegetables. Stuffed vine leaves and peppers are popular. Try the speciality ‘Banista’ a cheese pie which melts in the mouth. Local wines are pleasant and in expensive.

Local Varna Customs

The Bulgarian people take a great pride in their country and celebrate their national days with enthusiasm.

Workers in the tourist industry are heavily reliant on tips and good service should be rewarded. However, leave the tip on the table rather than handing it to the recipient, in order to avoid offence.

The best time to pick up a bargain holiday to the Varna in Bulgaria is in May or October, just outside the main peak summer holidays.

A Varna holiday offers hours of summer sun on beautiful beaches which have won blue flag awards. The Black sea is virtually tideless making it absolutely perfect for families with small children who like to splash about in the water having fun. Plus there’s the added benefit that your sandcastles won’t be washed away!

The town of Varna has some interesting attractions, including it’s ancient sites and medieval renaissance buildings, but it’s safe to say the main attractions lie on the coast. Those looking for action will find a range of water sports to partake in, and families can just relax enjoying the warm water.

If it’s a cheap holiday to Varna that you’re looking for, keep a look out for deals in April, May or October time.

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