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USA Holidays

United States Holidays

USA Introduction

America is a huge country with some of the most spectacular scenery in the world. It has high mountain ranges and active volcanoes, deserts and canyons, cliffs and sandy beaches, rivers, lakes and waterfalls, forests and national parks. The skyline of many of its cities are dominated by skyscrapers, and the cities themselves are filled with every kind of tourist attraction. Disney is responsible for many visitors choosing a Florida holiday as the theme park there is second to none.

Why Go To USA?

America has something for everyone. Be it sun or snow, beach or city, theme park or museum, theatre or casino, an American holiday has it all. Holidays in the USA feature amazing sights such as the Niagara Falls and the Grand Canyon. USA holidays need careful planning due to the sheer scale of the country and the diversity of its attractions!

An American holiday has so much to offer visitors that it caters for all ages and interests. Many holidays in the USA are based in Florida, Hawaii and California, which enjoy a wonderful climate all year round. USA holidays and Florida holidays are especially popular with sports enthusiasts and with families. Holidays in the USA offer excellent golf courses, world-class ski resorts, great fishing and every conceivable water sport. Perhaps the most popular USA holiday destination is Florida with its Gulf and Atlantic beaches. The attraction of Disney and Universal theme parks found around Orlando contribute greatly to the popularity of a Florida holiday.

When To Go To USA?

America, because of its size and geographical features, experiences every type of climatic conditions. Much of the country has a temperate climate but Alaska in the far north is, for the most part, a frozen wasteland, while Florida in the south is tropical. There is desert in the south west, Mediterranean sunshine on the coast of California with semi-arid conditions in the Great Plains. The Gulf States have a hurricane season and tornados are fairly common in the southern states.

An America holiday can be taken at any time of year as there is always a state where sunshine can always be found. The northern states provide good skiing conditions in winter. Many people travel to the north eastern states in autumn to enjoy the spectacular colours of the woodland foliage.

December is now a very popular time to visit New York. Christmas shoppers find a vast range of stores and in recent times the exchange rate has favoured the pound.

USA - The Place

The United States is home to some of the most incredible landscapes in the world. In the far north, bordering Canada, are the Niagra Falls where you see nature at its most powerful. In the west you have the towering Rockies, the Grand Canyon and Yosemite National park, as well as a rugged coastline washed by the Pacific Ocean. In the south you have Florida with the everglades, and with beaches on the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean.

All around America you will find family attractions but Florida has the father of them all, Disney World. Sea World and Universal Studios are also in the state, close to Orlando.

USA Culture

The United States is home to a wide variety of ethnic groups as almost all Americans were immigrants, mainly from Europe and West Africa. As such, it is a culturally diverse nation and there is no American ethnicity. Although American society is said to be classless, there are great differences in living standards between the middle and working classes. Religion is an important part of life to many Americans and there are hundreds of different churches and sects.

Capital punishment exists in a number of states.

USA Nightlife

American nightlife has something for everyone from quiet restaurants to rowdy bars and clubs. Although the Americans appear informal, many of the more upmarket clubs have a dress code. To avoid disappointment, check before you go.

Casinos are only found in Las Vegas, Atlantic City, Reno and also in some Indian Reservations which do not come under the jurisdiction of Federal law.

USA Shopping

Shopping in America is a national pastime. There are countless malls and shopping and designer outlets where everything appears to have a sale price. The cities have large department stores, high class boutiques and superb specialist shops. New York has become a Christmas shopper’s paradise, with many claiming that what they save on their purchases pays for the trip.

USA Eating

There is almost always somewhere to eat in America. As a nation, the Americans eat out much more frequently than the British. Having breakfast in a diner is commonplace. There seems to be a restaurant for every type of ethnic cuisine, although in smaller towns curry houses are rather thin on the ground.

Certain dishes are typically American and these include hamburgers, crab cakes, fried chicken, hot dogs, apple pie and chocolate chip cookies. Coffee, rather than tea is the drink of choice. Always remember to tip between fifteen and twenty percent.

Local USA Customs

Many jobs in the service industry are poorly paid and workers rely on tips in order to live. Tipping is therefore not a reward for good service, but recognition for a service rendered. Even a delivery man will expect to receive a gratuity. The amount is calculated by doubling the local tax rate so is usually between fifteen and twenty percent. If service has been excellent you can of course give more.

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