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Spartia Introduction

Spartia lies on the south west coast of Kefalonia twenty kilometres from the principle town, Argostoli. It is a small village in the hills, a couple of kilometres inland from the beach, which offers a quiet retreat where the pace of life is a gentle stroll. Spartia is an ideal base for ramblers as there are many scenic trails into the hills. A twenty minute walk takes you to the coast where there is a small jetty and sand and shingle beaches. The village has limited shopping and the tavernas serve mainly traditional food.

Why Go To Spartia?

The unblemished natural beauty of Kefalonia draws many people to its shores and Spartia is no exception. Lying in the midst of olive and citrus grove and with an abundance of wild flowers, it is a charming village. A Spartia holiday offers relaxation on beaches of clean fine sand and shingle with warm seas, guaranteed sunshine, good food and wine, and friendly hospitable people.

A Spartia holiday appeals mainly to families with older children and couples. It is also popular with ramblers. Families with small children would probably prefer to be closer to the beach.

When To Go To Spartia

The Spartia holiday season lasts from April until October when the temperature ranges from twenty to thirty degrees. Summer is the most popular time to visit the island. Walkers prefer early and late season when the sun is less fierce.

Spartia - The Place

Spartia offers a peaceful retreat from the bustle of twenty-first century living. Situated inland from the coast, its elevated position gives wonderful panoramic views. The village has changed little over the years with its humble abodes centred around the square, complete with a bell towered church. Spartia is a fertile area surrounded by orchards, vineyards and olive groves, and in spring there are carpets of wild flowers everywhere. The many paths and trails in the hills around Spartia are popular with ramblers.
A walk down the hill takes you to the coast where there is a small harbour and sand and shingle coves. One of the beaches is ideal for children and weak swimmers as it shelves gently into the sea. The clarity of the water offers great conditions for snorkelling. Conditions are also good for wind surfing and sailing.
A car would be an advantage in Spartia as it would enable you to explore the region more easily. Those wishing to travel further afield can take a ferry to Zante from neighbouring Pessadha.
A Spartia holiday offers a peaceful break in a traditional Greek village where hospitality is boundless; the food is good and where the atmosphere is completely relaxed.

Spartia Nightlife

Spartia nightlife is very low-key reflecting the family nature of the resort. Evenings are spent eating and drinking in the bars and tavernas or strolling around the small square and through the narrow streets.

Spartia Shopping

Spartia shopping is limited with a couple of shops for holiday essentials and one or two gift shops. Popular souvenirs include ceramics, embroidered linens, leather goods, jewellery, soaps made from olive oil and the popular boiled sweets from Voskopoula.

Spartia Eating

Spartia has a small number of tavernas serving mainly traditional food. Fish plays an important part in the island’s diet and small fried fish, shellfish and kalimari are firm favourites. Lamb and chicken are used most commonly in meat dishes. Kefalonia is also famous for its cheeses, sweets, pastries and almond cake.
Local wines, including the famous Robolla, are easy on the palate as well as the purse.
Eating in Kefalonia is meant to be an unhurried pleasure. Don’t mistake the relaxed attitude of waiters for tardy service.