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Find information on Sithonia Gerakini in our Travel Guide covering sights, foods and nightlife plus more...

Sithonia Gerakini Introduction

Sithonia Gerakini lies midway between the peninsulas of Kassandra and Sithonia overlooking Kassandra Bay. It is eighty kilometres from Thessaloniki and has a transfer time from the airport of ninety minutes. It is a relaxed resort with a wonderful sandy beach and clear blue waters. There are restaurants and tavernas serving a variety of fare and catering for most tastes, and shops for essentials and souvenirs. Owing to its position at the north end of Kassandra Bay, Sithonia Gerakini is a good base from which to explore the other peninsulas and the city of Thessaloniki.

Why Go To Sithonia Gerakini?

Sithonia Gerakini is a pretty resort with a superb stretch of soft, sun-bleached sand and crystal clear waters. It offers a seaside holiday in a very relaxed atmosphere where you can bask in the warmth, not only of the sun, but in the hospitality of the local people. It evenings are as peaceful as its days.

A Sithonia Gerakini holiday is very popular with families, particularly those with small children, who enjoy the beach with its safe bathing. Older couples looking for a stress free break also choose Sithonia Gerakini for its peaceful atmosphere and its charming setting.

When To Go To Sithonia Gerakini

Although the holiday season lasts from April until October when the temperature ranges from twenty to thirty degrees, summer is the most popular time to visit Sithonia Gerakini.

Sithonia Gerakini - The Place

Sithonia Gerakini was originally a small community of granite workers and it is only since the sixties that tourism has became the area’s major source of income. It is an attractive village framed by low pine covered hills and is a popular resort, particularly with families and older couples. The beach is its main asset with a long stretch of glistening white sand washed by the clear shallow waters of Kassandra Bay. There are sporting activities both in and out of the water.

Sithonia Gerakini has restaurants, bars and tavernas where you can find a range of food that caters for most tastes. The shops provide essentials as well as the usual gifts and souvenirs. For a wider range of goods, a trip to Thessaloniki is needed.

Nightlife is very under-stated with evenings spent strolling under the stars and eating and drinking al fresco.

A popular outing with children is to Waterland. It is located near the airport and takes roughly one hour by car. It has a range of flumes and slides to suit all ages. Another major tourist attraction is Mount Athos, the Holy Mountain, on the Athos peninsular. Access is difficult as very few tickets are issued and then, only to adult males. Most visitors travel around the peninsular by boat and view the mountain and the monasteries from afar.

Sithonia Gerakini Nightlife

Sithonia Gerakini nightlife is very low-key reflecting the family nature of the resort. While larger hotels provide entertainment including live shows and the ever popular Greek nights, holidaymakers can be seen each evening strolling along the waterfront and through the village, enjoying a drink and a meal while watching the sun sinking into the horizon.

Sithonia Gerakini Shopping

Sithonia Gerakini has limited shopping. There are mini-markets for essentials and gifts and souvenir shops for the obligatory holiday mementoes. Serious shoppers can take a trip to Thessaloniki where they will be overwhelmed by the choice of goods in the shops and markets. Popular buys include leather goods, colourful ceramics, silver and gold jewellery and alabaster figurines of Greek Gods and great leaders.

Sithonia Gerakini Eating

Sithonia Gerakini has restaurants and tavernas serving a variety of food and catering for most tastes. . A good way to try traditional food is to order Mezedes, the Greek equivalent of the Spanish tapas, which includes a variety of bite-sized fish, meat and vegetables. Local wines are very pleasant and are good value.

Children are always made very welcome in restaurants and their portion size is usually accommodated.