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Side Introduction

Side is seventy-five kilometres east of Antalya, one of Turkey’s largest cities, on the Mediterranean coast. It is a beautiful town on a short Peninsula only eight hundred metres in length. On either side of the peninsula are shingle beaches and sparklingly clear waters. The modern architecture of this popular tourist resort contrasts sharply with the ruins of the ancient city. There is much to see and do in Side and many visitors make a return trip.

Why Go To Side

A Side holiday offers sun, sea and sand in an historic setting. Its ancient narrow streets lead down to the harbour, a busy bustling place by day and by night. Side has a choice of beaches, a wide range of water sports, shops and markets and a good number of restaurants providing holidaymakers with the ingredients necessary for a memorable holiday.

Side is popular with a wide range of holidaymakers. Families with small children and those who just want to relax in the sun will find the beaches have safe shallow waters. There is a wealth of sporting activities to satisfy the most energetic of holiday makers. Those with an interest in history will find the area fascinating.

When To Go To Side

The holiday season lasts from early spring until late autumn when the temperature range is from the twenties to the high thirties. Although the summer period is the most popular, spring and autumn are good times to visit historical sites when the days are cooler.

Side - The Place

Side, with a backdrop of verdant foothills, is a pretty town with a long history. There is much evidence of Side’s Roman past in the well-preserved ruins which sit alongside the modern hotels and restaurants. Side has a charming old town centre with its narrow streets leading down to the harbour which is always busy. There is a great choice of bars and restaurants on the waterfront.

Side has two shingle beaches and a small sandy cove offering a wide variety of water sports. There are also good beaches at Sorgun, and Colakli a short distance away.

The ancient remains of Side must not be ignored as they are some of the most notable in Asia Minor. These include the Roman baths, the Aspendos theatre built in 167AD which could seat fifteen thousand people, three temples and an aqueduct.

A Side holiday offers sunshine and sea, restaurants, markets and a fairly lively nightlife in an atmospheric resort.

Side Nightlife

Side has many lively bars and restaurants in the old town. There are also a number of discos but it is not a place that dances until dawn.

Side Shopping

Side has a good number of shops including some interesting speciality stores where you can find bargain leather goods and jewellery. In the evening Side becomes a pedestrian area and shopping becomes more of a pleasure. If you like the buzz of bartering, the nearby town of Manaygat has a very large market where you will surely find all your holiday gifts and mementoes.

Side Eating

Side has many restaurants serving a wide variety of food to cater for all tastes. Many of the restaurants are on the waterfront and here you can savour traditional Turkish food. This is very tasty and includes stuffed peppers and vine leaves, kebabs and of course feta cheese, olive and tomato salads. Rice dishes are also popular.