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Playa Barca Introduction

Playa Barca lies in an idyllic spot on the south eastern coast of Fuerteventura. Its golden beaches are said to be the most unspoilt on the island. Kilometre after kilometre of golden sand, washed by startlingly blue seas, draws many visitors to the area. It is the perfect location for those who just want to relax in the sun on a sandy beach. Evenings are just the same with no rowdy pubs or nightclubs to spoil its air of tranquillity. Hotels and self-catering apartments provide good accommodation and there are shops for essential provisions as well as gifts and holiday souvenirs. A Playa Barca holiday offers a completely laid back break from the stresses of everyday life.

Why Go To Playa Barca?

Playa Barca has wonderful beaches and a climate that is pleasant throughout the year. In winter the temperature rarely drops below twenty and in the summer it rarely rises above thirty. Lying on the south-east coast of the island Playa Barca is more sheltered and the sea provides good bathing conditions. There are many leisure and sporting facilities in the area.

A Playa Barca holiday appeals to families with young children and couples of all ages. Water sports enthusiasts can choose from a range of activities.

When To Go To Playa Barca

A Playa Blanca holiday can be taken at anytime of year as Fuerteventura has pleasantly hot summers and warm winters. Those seeking winter sun need look no further than the Canary Islands where the temperature lies in the low twenties.

Playa Barca - The Place

Playa Barca lies a short distance from Costa Calma on the beautiful south eastern coast of Fuerteventura. A purpose built resort, it is framed by rugged, barren hills and looks out over golden sands to the bluest of oceans. It is one of the most relaxing spots on the island as what you see is what you get, kilometres of golden beaches and invitingly clear waters. The range of accommodation is good, the restaurants provide a varied cuisine catering for most tastes and nightlife is provided by hotels or bars and restaurants. There is nothing to disturb the peace and tranquillity offered here.

Water sports, including of course wind surfing are available. The clarity of the water makes it ideal for scuba diving. It must be remembered that the Atlantic has strong undercurrents and that even on the sheltered easterly side of the island great care must be taken. Children and less confident swimmers should bathe in shallow coves and lagoons rather than off the open beach.

In order to make the most of your Playa Barca holiday car hire is recommended. 4x4 vehicles are necessary for some of the unmade roads around the coast and to the charming inland villages. It is also possible to take catamaran cruises around the coast or to nearby Lanzarote.

Playa Barca Nightlife

Playa Barca is as relaxed in the evening as it is by day with much of the entertainment being provided by the hotels. As the sun goes down, visitors stroll along the sea front enjoying a drink or a meal under the stars. There are many venues where couples can relax over dinner in intimate surroundings.

Playa Barca Shopping

Fuerteventura has retained a special exemption from normal EU excise duties on perfumes, alcohol and tobacco, which means these items can be purchased for considerably less than in the rest of mainland Europe. Playa Barca has shops and supermarkets supplying essential provisions and the usual tourist shops with their range of gifts and souvenirs. Neighbouring Costa Calma has a Sunday market and Jandia has modern shopping malls. Popular purchases include leather goods, pottery, embroidered linens, wood carvings and jewellery.

Playa Barca Eating

Playa Barca has many cafés, bars and restaurants providing a wide range of food that caters for most tastes. Whatever you fancy, from tapas to fast food and from Italian to German the restaurants of Playa Barca will provide for you. Fish features prominently on menus often accompanied by mojo, a spicy pepper salsa and salted potatoes. A good way to sample Spanish food is to order a plate of tapas which consists of a medley of bite-sized dishes. Tapas are also ideal for filling the sometimes long gap between lunch and dinner, which is served later in Spain than at home.

Children are always made very welcome in Spanish restaurants and their tastes and portion sizes are usually accommodated.

Local wines are pleasant and inexpensive.