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Pineda De Mar Introduction

Pineda de Mar has been a favourite seaside destination for many decades. In the thirties, wealthy people from Barcelona used to spend the summer months in Pineda escaping from the city heat. Since the advent of package holidays it has developed into a thriving family resort.

Why go to Pineda De Mar

Pineda de Mar is a quiet resort surrounded by the hills of the Montnegre National Park. Like the resort itself, Pineda’s long sandy beach has room for everyone and never becomes too crowded. A Pineda de Mar holiday offers sun, sand and sea, water sports and a wide selection of bars and restaurants, all in relaxing surroundings.

Pineda de Mar is a peaceful resort attracting families and couples of all ages. Those wishing to relax in warm sunshine by crystal waters will not be disappointed.

When To Go To Pineda De Mar

April to October is the best time to visit Pineda de Mar when the temperature ranges from 20 degrees rising to 30 degrees in the summer months.

Pineda De Mar - The Place

Pineda de Mar, lying sixteen kilometres from Lloret de Mar, is at the southern end of the Costa Brava. It has a long history and many of its old buildings have survived the ravages of war and time. The Catalyna Square was built in the sixteenth century and the fortified church and watch towers reflect the dangers, which abounded at that time, from marauding pirates. Many of the old buildings are illuminated at night with splendid effect.

The beach is long and wide and never overcrowded. It has Blue Flag status with good facilities, including toilets and showers along its three kilometre length.

The nearby uninhabited Medes Islands, a protected area, is the perfect place for scuba diving. Its crystal clear waters will surprise the diver with its amazing variety of marine life.

Pineda de Mar has a bustling commercial centre with a variety of shops and boutiques. The town has been well planned with many green spaces planted with trees and flowers.

You are never far from a bar or pavement café where you can relax while the world goes about its business.

Pineda De Mar Nightlife

Pineda de Mar is essentially a family resort and evening entertainment is fairly low key much of it being provided by hotels. The eighteen to thirties group would find Pineda de Mar’s single disco near the promenade a little inadequate. However its near neighbour, Lloret de Mar, can provide the lively entertainment that Pineda lacks. Numerous restaurants provide opportunities for a quiet evening for two.

Pineda De Mar Shopping

Pineda de Mar has a number of boutiques and good quality shops in the main square. There are also many small gift and souvenir shops selling the usual supply of leather goods, ceramics and linens, so popular with tourists seeking holiday mementoes. Serious shoppers may take a trip to Barcelona which is only fifty-five kilometres away.

Pineda De Mar Eating

Pineda de Mar has a wide variety of restaurants catering for most tastes with many of them serving international cuisine. For traditional Spanish food look no further than the family run fish restaurants with their ‘catch of the day specials’. These are always tasty and are good value. Steamed shellfish, fried sardines and paella rarely disappoint. Local wines are pleasantly mellow and inexpensive. Children are always given a warm welcome even in the finest restaurants.