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Orlando Introduction

Apart from being a busy city, Orlando is the centre of the largest collection of theme parks in the world. With Disney World, Universal Studios, Sea World and Busch Gardens you will be hard-pressed to fit everything into a fortnight. When you tire of theme parks, there are miles of Atlantic coastline with sandy beaches, golf courses, acres of shopping malls and thousands of restaurants and nightclubs. In truth, you may need a holiday to recover from your trip when you arrive home. An Orlando holiday satisfies the child in all of us, with thrilling rides and wall to wall entertainment.

Why Go To Orlando?

Orlando is ideally located close to most of Florida’s tourist attractions giving easy access to the theme parks. It is a vibrant city offering good accommodation, excellent restaurants and more shops than anyone could ever need. The summer season guarantees sunshine and when the occasional heavy shower drops its load, the precipitation is warm and soon disappears in the heat of the sun. Winters in Florida are mild so holidays can be taken at any time of year. Autumn is the hurricane season.

Orlando is popular with a whole range of people from families with young children to older couples. It also attracts golfers. It is forbidden to purchase alcohol below the age of twenty one so this discourages groups of young adults.

When To Go To Orlando

An Orlando holiday can be taken at any time of year as winter temperatures rarely dip below seventy degrees. The highs in June, July and August are well into the nineties. These are also the wettest months with precipitation at almost seven inches. Unlike British showers, Orlando rain is warm and is soon dried up by the sun. The hurricane season is in autumn.

Orlando - The Place

Orlando in Florida could easily claim the title of entertainment capital of the world. There is so much to see and do that one visit isn’t enough. You could walk from morning until night every day of your holiday and there would still be more to see. Apart from the theme parks, it is only a short distance from Orlando to the Atlantic coast and the famous Daytona Beach. Kennedy Space Centre is also within easy reach and is well worth a visit. Watch out for stray alligators in the car park as they are not the friendliest of creatures.

Orlando has a wide range of hotels and apartments catering for all budgets. The standard of comfort and service is high in the US and Orlando is no exception. Its huge numbers of restaurants serve cuisine from around the world to satisfy all tastes. You can choose your nightlife according to your mood as there is something to please everyone. Orland’s thousands of shops and outlets satisfy the most avaricious of shoppers.

An Orlando holiday requires high energy reserves as there is so much to see and do. In order to make the most of your trip and to pack in as much as you can, careful planning is needed.

Orlando Nightlife

Orlando nightlife can be as lively or as relaxed as you wish. The city has a wide range of venues that cater for all tastes and moods. There is every style of music in discos and clubs; there are comedy cafes and sports bars; there are themed restaurants where you can dine at a medieval banquet or watch a pirate or a wild-west show. However you wish to spend your evening, Orlando will not disappoint.

Orlando Shopping

Shopping in Orlando is a shopoholics dream and an impatient partner’s nightmare. There are acres of shopping malls containing hundreds of retailers as well as the ever popular American shopping outlets where big name brands can be purchased at a fraction of the normal price. Just remember that there is a limit to your baggage allowance.

Orlando Eating

It can be stated with confidence that Orlando has restaurants catering for the most pernickety of palates. With well over five thousand restaurants serving every kind of cuisine there is certainly something to satisfy all tastes. You name a cuisine and Orlando will provide as they serve food from all corners of the world. They have some delightful themed restaurants enjoyed by adults as well as children.