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Murcia Introduction

Costa Calida's charm lies in the fact that it is the least developed coastal region of Spain thus remaining truly Spanish in character. Situated in Murcia, which has a harsh mountain landscape leading down to the sea, it has much to attract holiday makers. Having 170 miles of varied coastline and an average annual temperature of 17 degrees it is a popular year round destination. From the quaint fishing villages to the Moorish hilltop settlements there is much to interest visitors.

Why Go To Murcia?

The coastline of Costa Calida is extremely diverse with sand dunes, large and small, rolling beaches, mud flats and the largest salt water lagoon in the world. There is a wide area of protected nature reserves. La Manga Club is said to have some of the best sport and leisure facilities in Europe.

Costa Calida is the perfect holiday destination for those wishing for an authentic Spanish experience.

Costa Calida has widespread appeal from families with small children to senior citizens. Although there are resorts such as Mojacar which have lively evenings karaoke bars, flamenco clubs and night clubs the evening entertainment is usually more mellow.

When To Go To Murcia

Although the Costa Calida is a year round holiday venue with an average temperature of seventeen, the summer months are the most popular time to go, with guaranteed sunshine and warm seas. Many visitors however, enjoy escaping from the dark dreary days of a typical British winter to Murcia's welcoming coast.

Murcia - The Place

Murcia is a land of contrasts from the mountains to the shores. Much of it is dry and arid except for the farms which grow citrus fruits and vegetables which use the old irrigation systems inherited from the Moors. It has many ancient towns. There has been a town in Cartagena for over two thousand years and there are many ancient remains including the discovery of a Roman amphitheatre in1987. The coast at Cartagena offers good sailing, windsurfing and diving.

The Mar Menor or little sea is a vast salt water lagoon where the water temperature is like a warm bath. The minerals in the water are said to have therapeutic powers helping joint and skin problems. They also aid buoyancy so the lagoon is an excellent spot to learn to swim and to practice water sports. It is a very safe beach for children as the shallow depth extends for several hundred metres.

Alblanque near the Mar Menor lies in a protected area and it is here that you can find isolation on the deserted beaches and in the sand dunes. It is a great area for hiking and cycling.

La Manga Club, also near the Mar Menor, has a superb golf course and dozens of tennis courts amongst a host of other facilities.

The cathedral in Murcia, the capital city, is easily spotted with its 96 metre tower. The city has numerous churches, palaces, museums and ancient monuments. There is a treat in store if you visit Saint Ana’s Convent as the nuns bake cakes and sell them to passers by.

The Costa Calida is home to so many beautiful sights, interesting places unspoiled by tourism that it is the place to find a truly Spanish experience.

Murcia Culture

The major towns and villages of Costa Colada have a very Spanish flavour unadulterated by tourism. It is host to many music and dance festivals particularly through the summer months.

Bull fighting remains part of Spanish culture although the spectacle is no longer so popular among tourists.

Murcia Nightlife

The nightlife in the Costa Corida is understated. With many wonderful restaurants serving a wide variety of traditional Spanish fare as well as international cuisine it has all the ingredients for the perfect end to the day. If you are looking for a livelier evening the southern end of the coast the Moorish hilltop town of Mojcar is the place to go. Follow the narrow streets of traditional whitewashed houses winding their way down until they come to the beach front where you will find the karaoke bars and all night clubs.

Murcia Shopping

Costa Corida has the usual array of gift and souvenir shops on the sea front sufficient for most needs.

Markets are popular and sell amongst others the traditional baskets, pottery, ceramics and rugs. For more serious shopping Murcia town is only a short distance away.

Murcia Eating

As expected fish dishes abound in the Costa Corida with small fried fish and shellfish being firm favourites .There are tapas bars and restaurants to suit all tastes and pockets.

Local Murcia Customs

Spain is a Roman Catholic country and many of its festivals are connected with the church. Patron saint days are particularly important. When visiting churches in rural areas shoulders and legs should be covered, so as not to give offence.

Service charge is usually included in hotels and restaurants but an additional tip is also expected.

Cheap holidays to Murcia tend to be available all of the way through winter, apart from major holiday times such as Christmas, New Year and any of the kids school half term holidays.

You may also be able to pick up a cheap deal early in May or late in October too. By booking holidays out of the peak season, you will also be able to save money on the prices of drinks and some food too.

It's recommended that you book into a hotel on a half board basis depending on the time you book as this could also work out cheaper for you.

There are 170 miles of varied coastline and an average temperature of 17 degrees C in Murcia, which are just two reasons the area brings in the many tourists the area receives. Murcia is also home to the largest salt water lagoon in the world.

With all of this and much more, a cheap Murcia holiday may be just what you're looking for. The best time to look for one is in the winter time before Christmas.