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Marmari Introduction

Marmari lies on the west coast of Kos just ten kilometres south west of Kos Town. It has a transfer time from the airport of forty minutes. Marmari is the exact opposite of its lively neighbour. It is a small village with a good sandy beach where conditions are ideal for wind surfers. Marmari enjoys a traditional atmosphere with small family run tavernas serving local food and a few shops supplying holiday essentials. A Marmari holiday offers a relaxing seaside break while basking in the warmth of traditional Greek hospitality.

Why Go To Marmari?

Marmari offers a guarantee of summer sun, sandy beaches, warm shallow waters, and complete relaxation. It is as relaxed by night as it is by day, with evenings spent strolling along the waterfront and eating and drinking under the stars. Marmari is only a short distance from Kos Town so if things get too quiet you can always take the bus or a taxi up to the town.

Marmari is essentially a family resort. The sandy beach and safe bathing conditions are ideal for children. Older couples enjoy the relaxed atmosphere of the resort.

When To Go To Marmari

The most popular time to visit Marmari is in the summer, although the season extends from April to the end of October. The temperature range is from 20 to 30 degrees.

Marmari - The Place

Marmari is very popular with holidaymakers looking for relaxation in a traditional atmosphere. It lies in a flat rural area on the west coast of Kos overlooking the mainland of Turkey. Marmari is a small resort with its main street running parallel to the sea. The long sandy beach is one of its greatest assets. The sand slopes gently into the clear blue Mediterranean providing safe bathing for children and weak swimmers. The beach is backed by dunes in places which offer a degree of privacy. Since Marmari has an exposed westerly beach, the conditions here are ideal for wind surfing and sailing.

Marmari offers a range of hotels catering for most budgets. These are spread along the coast so no one is ever far from the sea. The tavernas and restaurants are found along the waterfront and they serve a variety of food. The emphasis is however on traditional cuisine. There is a small supermarket and one or two mini-markets providing holiday essentials as well as a number of gift and souvenir shops. Marmari is essentially a family resort and this is reflected in its nightlife which is very laid back. Marmari does boast one small disco but the resort is not noted for its vivacity and tends to bed down early. If you would like a little more choice you could visit Marmari’s nearest neighbour, Tingaki, which is a little livelier.

Travel inland from Marmari and you will be enchanted by the unspoiled villages, set amongst the pine forests, which remain largely untouched by tourism. One such is the old town of Pyli and the Asklepeion archaeological site.

A Marmari holiday offers a retreat from the world where you can relax on a sandy beach and bathe in the clear warm water of the Mediterranean.

Marmari Nightlife

Marmari nightlife is very low-key with entertainment mainly provided by the hotels. There are bars along the waterfront and there is one disco but Marmari is essentially a resort that sleeps at night. Evenings are spent relaxing over a meal and a drink or strolling along the waterfront.

Marmari Shopping

Marmari shopping is fairly limited with mini-markets providing holiday essentials and a small number of gift and souvenir shops. If you want greater variety, take a trip to Kos Town where there are more than enough shops to satisfy. Popular purchases are leather goods, jewellery, ceramics and embroidered linens.

Marmari Eating

The tavernas and restaurants in Marmari serve a variety of cuisine with an emphasis on traditional food. Being on an island, fish plays an important part in the diet and small fried fish, shellfish and kalimari are firm favourites. Lamb and chicken are used most commonly in meat dishes. Local wines are easy on the palate as well as the purse.

Eating may be essential to life but in Kos it is also a pleasure that is not to be hurried. Waiters do not hover over tables waiting to remove dishes as they do not wish you to feel pressured to leave. Don’t mistake this for poor service.