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Las Vegas Introduction

Las Vegas, in Nevada, is synonymous with casinos. It is renowned the world over for its three and a half mile strip which contains ninety percent of the world’s largest hotels. Everyone has seen films of Las Vegas and formed opinions, some good some bad. But, until you take a Las Vegas holiday, you will not experience its unique atmosphere that overcomes many adverse opinions. Las Vegas is like nowhere else on earth. There is no place so bright or so garish, nowhere so lavish, where brashness is considered a virtue and hedonism rules. Las Vegas certainly lights up the desert and attracts millions of people every year to its shows, sporting events and of course its gaming tables and slot machines. A Las Vegas holiday offers superb hotels, great entertainment and a chance to win some money at the most famous casinos in the world.

Why Go To Las Vegas?

Las Vegas is a huge attraction for those looking for a break from reality. The glitz and glitter, the fantastic hotels and the superb restaurants, the noise of the slot machines and the ball spinning in the wheel, transport you to a world where the responsibilities of home are forgotten. It has become popular as a wedding venue with couples marrying in the Elvis Chapel.

Las Vegas is very popular with couples and groups of adults. There have been efforts, in the past to make it more child-friendly but these have been largely unsuccessful as most visitors come to Las Vegas for one reason only. It is also popular with wedding parties, particularly those who are Elvis fans.

When To Go To Las Vegas

Las Vegas holidays can be taken at any time of year as the summers are hot and the winters mild. Annual rainfall is barely four inches. If you wish to avoid extremes of heat, spring and autumn would be a good time to travel.

Las Vegas - The Place

Las Vegas is not the place to choose if you are looking for a quiet retreat. It is incredibly lively by both day and night. It is a town that rarely sleeps with evening entertainment continuing until dawn. The famous strip is only three and a half miles long but the hotels here provide a total of sixty-seven thousand beds. The opulence of some of the hotels and casinos has to be seen to be believed. Many of them have a theme. There is a pyramid for Egypt, the Eiffel Tower for France, ancient Rome for Caesar's Palace, and so it goes on. Bright neon lights cast a garish glow which signal that you have arrived at The Strip and ready to begin a fun filled holiday. Apart from gambling, las Vegas holidays offers shows with world famous artists, and world boxing bouts.

There are hotels to suit all budgets, restaurants serving every conceivable type of menu, and shops galore. It seems whatever you want in Las Vegas you will get, except perhaps the million dollar jackpot. Good luck on your holiday.

Las Vegas Nightlife

Las Vegas has to be the nightlife capital of the world. The evenings are packed with a variety of entertainment and of course gaming on the tables or the slot machine. Remember the title, ‘one armed bandit’, is well deserved, and they can soon eat up your dollars. The shows are fantastic extravaganzas with magic shows, acrobatic displays, the Cirque du Soleil and of course concerts with world famous artists. World sporting events, such as boxing, are held here.

Las Vegas Shopping

Las Vegas shopping is on the same lavish scale as everything else. While the casinos have their own shopping malls, the place for the avaricious shopper is the Fashion Show Mall. It is a vast area of the most prestigious department stores and boutiques and specialist shops. Restaurants and food halls serve refreshments to keep you going through the day. The strip has many small and more affordable shops where you can buy your holiday mementoes.

Las Vegas Eating

As you’d expect in America, and particularly in Las Vegas where you are surrounded by excess of one kind or another, restaurants are abundant. Every casino has restaurants offering a la carte or ‘eat as much as you can buffets’. No one ever goes hungry in Las Vegas. There are so many opportunities for snacking between meals with fast food outlets and coffee shops. So whether you want to grace the tables at a high class restaurant or tuck into a piece of cow in a steakhouse, you will not be disappointed. There are venues to suit all budgets.