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Larnaca Holidays

Larnaca Holidays

Larnaca Introduction

The ancient port of Larnaca has developed into one of Cyprus' main seaside resorts. With 25km of beautiful sandy beaches and crystal clear seas, a good range of restaurants and ancient historical sites, Larnaca makes an ideal base for spending lazy days on the beach and strolling along the promenade, or for exploring the rest of the island of Cyprus.

Why Go To Larnaca?

Situated conveniently near the main airport on the island, Larnaca is a place to go for a relaxing Mediterranean break with plenty of sunshine, swimming and water sports. Here it is possible to sample Greek and Turkish culture, all in the same place. At the centre of Larnanca is a stunning 2km palm tree lined promenade with many restaurants, bars and tavernas, where it is pleasant to wander about, shop for souvenirs or just sit and watch the world go by over a cup of coffee. Larnaca is the oldest town in Cyprus and its ancient fort and historic quarter offer an insight into its rich and colourful heritage.

Larnaca is a lively resort with a laid back Mediterranean atmosphere, making it a favourite with families and couples of all ages. As well as being a popular tourist resort, Larnanca’s beaches, restaurants and bars are popular with the locals which give the resort a friendly, welcoming appeal.

When To Go To Larnaca

Larnaca enjoys a typical Mediterranean climate, with long hot summers and milder winters, separated by shorter autumn and spring seasons. Temperatures can rise into the 30s in the summer but a welcome sea breeze in the coastal areas makes days on the beach more enjoyable. Winter temperatures are typically 16-20C with some rain, and snow in the mountains.

Larnaca - The Place

Situated on the east coast of Cyprus, the city of Larnaca is famous for its charming palm lined sea-front, its beaches and its range of seafront restaurants and bars. Although Larnaca is a wonderful place to visit in its own right, its location makes it the ideal base to explore the drama and diversity of the rest of the island. From the rocky pine forests of the Troodos mountains, to the valleys of the interior with tiny picturesque villages and medieval churches, Cyprus offers something for everyone all year round. In the summer the clean, safe beaches are popular with families, whilst during the winter months, a break on the coast can be combined with skiing and hiking.

Larnaca Culture

The culture of Larnaca has evolved from the many civilisations that have visited the port since the dawn of time, either as occupiers, traders or simply tourists. The religion of the island is partly Christian and partly Muslim. In Larnaca, many of the festivals held throughout the year reflect this religious diversity and focus on the music and dance of Greek-Cypriot culture. From February to April there are a series of carnivals to celebrate the beginning and end of Lent, with a lively mix of music, dancing and feasting. The start of Spring is celebrated with the Anthestiria Festival in May, when a parade of flower festooned floats makes its way along the seafront promenade.

Larnaca Nightlife

Nightlife in Larnaca is generally low key and relaxed, centred on the promenade area of the town. The bars and tavernas provide a range of Cypriot entertainment including dancing and bouzouki music. There are one or two night clubs in the resort, but for those looking for a more lively scene, a 15 minute drive towards Ayia Napa provides a glitzier range of nightclubs and bars, many open until the early hours.

Larnaca Shopping

Shopping opportunities in Larnaca are many and varied, from designer boutiques and souvenir shops, to colourful fruit and vegetable markets. Many small shops specialise in the local crafts of the island including lace, wood and pottery items. Echoing the historic charm of the island, many craftsmen enjoy creating jewellery and pottery items based on ancient designs. Basket weaving is a popular traditional craft and many items are sold in the markets and shops in the town.

Larnaca Eating

The traditional cuisine of Cyprus has been influenced by the many cultures that have occupied the island over time, and in Larnaca, you will find elements of Greek, Turkish, Lebanese, Italian, French and even British diets. A traditional Cypriot meal is an delicious mezze. Similar to Tapas, this consists of up to 30 dishes, starting with dips and salad, and moving on to vegetable dishes, fish and meat, and ending with fresh fruit, although there is no obligation to eat everything that is offered! A mezze in a taverna will often be accompanied by traditional bouzouki music and perhaps even a little napkin throwing. As well as the tavernas, Larnaca offers the usual range of international restaurants and fast food outlets with prices to suit all budgets.

Local Larnaca Customs

Cypriots are extremely hospitable people, and it is not uncommon, particularly in rural villages for visitors to be invited into someones home for food and drink. The island has two major religions, Islam and Christianity, which influence local customs and vary depending on which part of the island you visit. The north tends to be more conservative, both in dress and behaviour, whereas the south, including Larnaca tends to be more relaxed about such things.

Larnaca, on the island of Cyprus, is a very popular holiday destination. As a result, there aren't too many chances to pick up a cheap deal to go there. There is a possibility that you may be able to find a good offer towards the winter time, providing you steer clear of Christmas, New Year and any school holidays. Similarly, there's a slim chance you could find a cheap last minute deal in May or October.

The area is considerably cheaper outside the summer season and you will save plenty money on drinks in particular if you are to visit out of season.

The area itself features beautiful sandy beaches and crystal clear seas, with a good range of restaurants and ancient historical sites. The area is perfect for lazing around and picking up a nice tan in the warm weather which is still between 16 and 20 degrees C in the winter.

As with all coastal holiday destinations, the beaches feature plenty of water sports activities including snorkelling, scuba diving, surfing and plenty more. The area is great for families with young children and adults alike with plenty to see and do for everyone.

If you take a winter vacation you may have to put up with some showers however, as this can be a rainy time for Cyprus, although the temperature will still remain warmer that you'd be looking at in the UK at the same time. Not an ideal winter sun destination, but there's still plenty to see and do if you do visit in the winter time.

If you're looking for a cheap Larnaca holiday, chances to do so are few and far between, however looking in winter, outside the main Christmas is your best bet.

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