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Kaloni Introduction

Although Kaloni lies almost centrally in Lesbos, because of the very deep gulf that cuts into the island it is a coastal resort with good sandy beaches and warm shallow water. The town of Kaloni is situated a couple of kilometres inland while Skala Kaloni is the main tourist resort. It is a very fertile area with springs and rivers supplying irrigation for the olive groves, vineyards and other agricultural crops. The salt pans attract a wide variety of birds in both spring and autumn and the wild flowers in the meadows and plains create an orgy of colour.

The restaurants and tavernas serve a wide variety of cuisine catering for most tastes and the shops provide essentials and souvenirs.

Why Go To Kaloni?

The unspoiled beauty of Lesbos attracts many visitors each year and Kaloni is one of the most popular resorts. A Kaloni holiday offers relaxation in an area of great natural beauty. Its people extend a warm welcome to all visitors, its food is excellent and there are many interesting sights in the area. The migrating bird population attract many ornithologists and fishermen are amazed by the sheer numbers of fish in the gulf.

Kaloni is popular with a wide range of holidaymakers. Families enjoy the quality of the beaches and the safe, warm shallow waters of the gulf. Couples enjoy the peaceful atmosphere of the resort and in spring and autumn ornithologists come in their droves to watch the huge diversity of birds that rest in the marshes on their way to northern Europe and back again.

When To Go To Kaloni

The Kaloni holiday season lasts from April until October when the temperature ranges from twenty to thirty degrees. Summer is the most popular time for a beach holiday and spring and autumn for those who come to see the birds.

Kaloni - The Place

Kaloni lies on the Gulf of Kaloni, a deep inlet sheltered by mountains on two sides and having a narrow outlet to the sea. This results in very calm water ideal for swimmers. The sandy beach shelves gently into the warm clear gulf offering safe bathing for children and weak swimmers.

Kaloni has a very busy fishing harbour and sardines are their main catch. The gulf is teeming with these fish which are said to be especially tasty because the minerals in the streams that enter the water. In July there is a sardine festival when grilled sardines are offered to visitors along with ouzo. This is accompanied by traditional music and dance. July also sees the festival of the Holy Trinity which involves three days of feasting and horse racing.

Spring and autumn in Kaloni sees many bird watchers arriving to visit the marshes and salt pans where hundreds of species of birds stop on their migratory route north and also on their return journey. Spring also sees the valleys and plains filled with a glorious array of wild flowers.

Kaloni has some excellent restaurants particularly in the harbour area and along the waterfront. Traditional food, and fish dishes in particular, dominate the menus.

There are a number of interesting archaeological sites in the area as well as old monasteries.

If you are looking for a relaxing break on a beach with warm, clear water, good food and friendly locals book a Kaloni holiday now.

Kaloni Nightlife

Skala Kaloni’s nightlife is focused on the area around the harbour and is fairly low-key. A peaceful evening in a restaurant or taverna overlooking the sea is where most people spend their evenings. A number of bars provide traditional music and dance.

Kaloni Shopping

Skala Kaloni has mini-markets providing holiday essentials as well as beach and gift and souvenir shops. Kaloni itself has shops selling a wider range of goods. Popular buys are embroidered linens, leather goods, soap made from olive oil, jewellery and ceramics. Those looking for greater variety can take a trip to Mytilene, the island’s capital, which has many gift and craft shops alongside its boutiques and jewellers. The market there is said to be the best in Greece

Kaloni Eating

In Kaloni there are tavernas, bars and restaurants providing a wide range of food to accommodate most tastes. The sardines of Kaloni are the island’s speciality and grilled, fried or salted they are delicious. Moussaka is another Greek favourite made from minced lamb and aubergines with a béchamel sauce.

The local wines are inexpensive and very palatable. Ouzo from the distilleries in the south at Plomaria is recommended.