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Elche Introduction

Elche lies a little over twenty kilometres inland from Alicante on the Costa Blanca. It has had a long history which is reflected in its splendid architecture. A noticeable feature of Elche is the number of palm trees, hundreds of which line the streets and give shade in the squares and parks. The town has a thriving economy which, apart from tourism, includes shoe and sandal making. Elche is also famous for its tradition of mystery plays chronicling the life of the Virgin Mary. Within a short distance of the town there are twelve kilometres of coastline which has some excellent sandy beaches An Elche holiday offers a choice of activities from exploring historical sites to lazy days on the beach.

Why Go To Elche?

An Elche holiday offers a guarantee of summer sun with many sightseeing opportunities. With beaches close by there are many recreational facilities both in and out of the water. There are also golf courses in the area.

Elche is popular with couples of all ages. Being close to the coast, visitors can enjoy relaxing days on the beach as well as exploring the historical streets of the old town.

When To Go To Elche

The most popular time to holiday in Elche is from April to October when the temperature ranges from a very pleasant twenty five degrees rising to the early thirties in the height of summer. Those wishing to see the Mystery Play must go in the middle of August.

Elche - The Place

Elche, between Alicante and Murcia on the Costa Blanca, is an attractive town with a range of impressive architectural styles reflecting its long history. The River Vinalopo runs through the town and its bridges provide some of the town’s best views and photo opportunities. Everywhere you look in Elche you will see palm trees which line the streets and squares and adorn the parks. The old city of Elche, dating from the times of the Muslims, is completely surrounded by date palms that have grown to huge proportions and have protected status. The old town has many sightseeing opportunities including the Altimira Palace, the domed church of Saint Maria and La Calahorra, a fortress from the seventh century. The Jose Maria Castano’s garden is not to be missed with its magnificent variety of flora. The renowned Imperial Palm is found here. Over one hundred and fifty years old it has seven branches resembling the arms of a candelabrum. Apart from the many varieties of palm, there are cacti and aquatic plants. It is well worth a visit.

Elche hotels and apartments cater for a wide range of budgets and its restaurants provide for most tastes. Shops supply essential provisions as well as the obligatory holiday souvenirs. Although there is much to see and do in Elche, those who wish to travel further afield can enjoy days on the beach and sample a range of water sports. There is also the Rio Safari park with its range of animals, including dolphins and birds, as well as cooling off in the swimming pool and water slides.

Elche Nightlife

Although Elche is a sizeable town its nightlife is fairly understated with evenings spent wandering the streets and enjoying a meal in one of the many excellent restaurants. There are some livelier venues but Elche is not considered to be a party town.

Elche Shopping

Elche has a wide variety of shops providing for all your holiday needs. There are numerous opportunities for purchasing gifts and souvenirs. Since Elche is a producer of shoes and sandals these items are displayed in abundance. If a greater variety of goods is needed you can make the short journey to Alicante where there are boutiques and department stores. In Alicante’s port area and along the promenades there are the usual gift shops. Wickerwork, ceramics, jewellery and leather goods are favourite souvenirs.

Elche Eating

Elche has many fine restaurants providing a diverse cuisine including international dishes. A good way to try Spanish food is to order a plate of tapas which consists of a medley of bite-sized dishes. Tapas are also ideal for filling the sometimes long gap between lunch and dinner, which is served later in Spain than at home.

Children are always made very welcome in Spanish restaurants and their tastes and portion sizes are usually accommodated.

Local wines are pleasant and inexpensive.