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Costa Del Silencio Introduction

Costa del Silencio lies only twelve kilometres away from Reina Sofia Airport and benefits from a very short transfer time. It is a small purpose built resort that dates from the sixties, at the very start of mass tourism. Situated on the south coast of Tenerife, a short distance from Playa de las Americas, it has a wide range of accommodation to suit most budgets. Athough the resort lacks a beach, there are swimming pools in each of the four areas,namely Alborada, Eureka, Primavera and Maravilla. The nearest beach is a short walk to the west of the town. Ideal for windsurfers and water sports people, a sunbather’s paradise it is not. It is a small strip of black volcanic stones. A short bus ride will take you to the beaches of neighbouring resorts.

Why Go To Costa Del Silencio

A Costa del Silencio holiday offers year round sunshine in a purpose built resort with good leisure facilities. There are bars, restaurants and shops providing for most needs. Lying close to the lively resort of Playa de las Americas, holidaymakers who wish can enjoy the best of both worlds; the relative relaxation of Costa del Silencio and the entertainment offered by Playa de las Americas.

Costa del Silencio has widespread appeal. It is the ideal holiday for water sport enthusiasts and families with teenagers as well as couples of all ages. Although there is a beach close by, Costa del Silencio does not have its own beach and families with small children would probably prefer to be based closer to a stretch of sand.

When To Go To Costa Del Silencio

Costa del Silencio is a year round holiday destination having pleasantly hot summers and warm winters. Although there is occasional rain there is no specific rainy season and showers are short.

Costa Del Silencio - The Place

Costa del Silencio is a small purpose built resort on the south coast of Tenerife. Although the majority of its visitors are German or Belgian, it is becoming increasingly popular with British tourists. There are a large number of self catering apartments as well as hotels. Although there are many swimming pools, the resort does not have a beach and the closest beach is an unspectacular strip of volcanic stones. The winds from the Atlantic do however make it ideal for wind surfing and body boarding.

Costa del Silencio benefits from three shopping centres where a variety of holiday essentials can be purchased. For a greater choice of goods, take a bus to the neighbouring resorts of Playa de las Americas and Los Cristianos where you will find more competitive prices.

Costa del Silencio is a good base for exploring the south of the island. There are water parks and golf courses in the vicinity as well as the famous Eagle Park much loved by adults and children alike. There are opportunities for whale and dolphin watching as well as big game fishing where large fish such as blue and white marlin can be caught.

Costa Del Silencio Nightlife

Although there are bars and discos in Costa del Silencio providing lively entertainment it is not a resort that parties until dawn. As its name suggests, it is much quieter than its neighbour Playa de las Americas. The latter resort is only twelve kilometres to the west so if you are looking for a wild night scene all you need is a taxi to take you there. There are many restaurants on the waterfront where you can enjoy a meal and a glass of wine beneath the stars.

Costa Del Silencio Shopping

One of the attractions of shopping in Tenerife is that it is duty free. Perfume, alcohol, cigarettes, cameras and electronic goods are all considerably cheaper. There are three commercial centres in Costa del Silencio providing holidaymakers with everyday essentials as well as a variety of beach and gift shops. A greater variety of goods at more competitive prices will be found in Playa de las Americas and Los Cristianos.

Costa Del Silencio Eating

Costa del Silencio has a wide selection of cafes and restaurants catering for most tastes. Although the resort is very popular with Germans and Belgians there are still some English style pubs providing British meals for those with a conservative palate. The more adventurous will find a large number of fine restaurants providing traditional as well as international cuisine. Typical Canarian food is the spicy mojo sauce and the salty new potatoes that are boiled in sea water before being baked. Fish features prominently on menus and is often served with the green variety of mojo sauce.