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Cala Santandria Introduction

Cala Santandria is situated four kilometres south of Ciudadella on the north-west coast of Menorca and has a transfer time from the airport of roughly one hour. In the recent past the resorts of Cala Santandria, Cala Blanca and Cala Caleta all had their own separate identities, but expansion of the resorts has seen them almost merging into one. Santandria is a relaxed resort favoured by the locals who come from the town during the weekend. It lies in an area of great natural beauty surrounded by fertile countryside. The secluded cove has a fine sandy beach washed by crystal clear waters offering good bathing. Cala Santandria has a variety of both accommodation and restaurants catering for most tastes and bars providing a fairly lively nightlife.

Why Go To Cala Santandria?

Book a Cala Santandria holiday and enjoy guaranteed summer sun, warm shallow waters in a peaceful family atmosphere. When you tire of the beach the cultural capital of the island is only a few kilometres away.

A Cala Santandria holiday is very popular with families, particularly those who have small children. The safe waters of the sandy beach make it an ideal venue. Those seeking a relaxing beach holiday will find all they need in Cala Santandria with the water front restaurants offering the perfect end to the day.

When To Go To Cala Santandria

The holiday season in Cala Santandria begins in April and lasts until late October with temperatures ranging from the twenties to the mid thirties.

Cala Santandria - The Place

Cala Santandria, in the west of Menorca just south of Ciudadella, is a popular resort with locals as well as British tourists. Its wide choice of accommodation caters for all budgets with hotels, apartments, and studios. Cala Santandria has a great variety of cafes and restaurants catering for all tastes. Fast food stalls sit alongside traditional fish restaurants and there are many restaurants serving international cuisine. Nightlife is mainly hotel based although there are some lively music bars. There are shops for essential provisions but for a much wider choice of goods a bus ride to Ciudadella is advised. Cala Santandria’s rocky cove has a fine sandy beach which has Blue Flag status. Since the resorts of Cala Santandria, Cala Blanca and Cala Caleta almost merge into one the provision of recreational activities is multiplied giving an array of water sports from wind surfing to pedaloes and from snorkelling to scuba diving. There are beach bars providing daylong sustenance and thirst-quenching drinks and boat trips exploring the rocky coast as well as fishing excursions.

One of the benefits in choosing a Cala Santandria holiday is its close proximity to the beautiful Catalan town of Cuidadela, the cultural capital of the island. The architecture of the old buildings reflects the wealth of its 17th century inhabitants. There are many extravagant palaces and great houses, each with their sculptured coats of arms above the entrance. Many now house museums. The square in the centre of the town, with its elegant 19th century buildings, is the place to take a coffee break in one of its many pavement cafes. Stroll down the narrow cobbled streets to the picturesque harbour and you will find excellent fish restaurants.

Cala Santandria Nightlife

Cala Santandria has a number of bars, karaoke and music bars providing a fairly lively nightlife although it is not a resort that parties until dawn.

Cala Santandria Shopping

Cala Santandria shopping is limited to essential provisions, beach supplies as well as gifts and souvenirs. Popular purchases include leather goods, jewellery, pottery and embroidered linens. Nearby Cuidadela has a craft market on Fridays and Saturdays. Remember markets open early in the morning and close around one o’clock in order to avoid the hottest part of the day.

Cala Santandria Eating

Cala Santandria has many small bars and restaurants providing a wide variety of food to accommodate most tastes. The Spanish affection for children is well known and they are warmly welcomed even in the more exclusive restaurants. Fish, locally caught, is a major part of the island’s cuisine. There is an abundance of prawns, mussels, red mullet and sea bass. Tapas bars are available to fill the gap between lunch and dinner which, in Minorca, can be fairly long. Local wines are pleasant and inexpensive.