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Cala Morell Introduction

The northern coast of Menorca is very different from the south and it has been largely left to nature. It is a wild rocky coast riddled with coves and caves backed by pine clad hills. The tourist developments in the north are few and far between, many of them being little more than tiny clusters of privately owned white-washed villas. Cala Morell is a very small picturesque resort grouped around a steep gorge. It has a small sandy beach, a small number of apartment blocks and one or two restaurants. In a place as small and as remote as this, car hire is essential.

Why Go To Cala Morell?

If you are looking for relaxation in an area of great natural beauty with few man made distractions, Cala Morell is the place for you. Here you can lie back and enjoy a peaceful break by the sea knowing there will be no intrusive music or neon lights. The north of the island is excellent walking country. It is also an advantage being within easy reach of Ciudadella where there is so much to see.

A Cala Morell holiday attracts mainly couples looking for a retreat from the world. It is also popular with walkers.

When To Go To Cala Morell

The holiday season in Cala Morrell begins in April and lasts until late October with temperatures ranging from the twenties to the mid thirties.

Cala Morell - The Place

Cala Morell lies to the northeast of Ciudadella on the rocky north coast of Menorca. It is a very quiet resort offering peace and relaxation rather than a host of recreational activities. There are no hotels and very few apartment blocks as accommodation is mainly provided by private villas. With only a couple of bars and restaurants, choice is rather limited and car hire is considered a necessity rather than a luxury.

The area along the coast is ideal for snorkelling and scuba diving as the waters are crystal clear. There are also many caves waiting to be explored.

Ciudadella, the former capital, is a charming old town steeped in character with magnificent architecture and a picturesque harbour. It has a medieval charm with its narrow cobbled streets winding away from its tiny harbour.

A Cala Morell holiday offers a real retreat from the modern world where you can relax and commune with nature.

Cala Morell Nightlife

Cala Morell nightlife is extremely low key. Since much of the accommodation is self-catering, many evenings are spent around one’s own table eating and drinking under the stars or strolling through the resort. There are only two restaurants and bars in Cala Morell so if you want a little variation you need to drive to neighbouring resorts or to Ciudadella.

Cala Morell Shopping

Cala Morell shopping is very limited and most goods will have to be bought in neighbouring resorts on the north-west coast or in Ciudadella. The former capital has a variety of specialist shops and boutiques selling high quality goods. There is a daily market in the Piaza de Mercat and on Friday and Saturday in Piza de Esborn. There is a good choice of hand crafted articles including pottery, leather goods, paintings, embroidery and carpets.

Cala Morell Eating

Cala Morell has only two restaurants so choice is naturally limited. Ciudadela, meanwhile, has restaurants and bars to suit all tastes and pockets. There are many excellent fish restaurants, particularly down by the harbour, where you can savour the catch of the day speciality. Many tapas bars provide snacks between meals. Menorcans tend to eat later in the evening and the gap between lunch and dinner can seem long.