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Bangkok Introduction

Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, is a vast city with an official population of over ten million people. It is a busy, bustling metropolis where traffic frequently grinds to a halt. Alternative transport is available on the canals, the underground and the sky train which helps to reduce the level of traffic pollution. Bangkok has many sightseeing opportunities with wonderful palaces, temples and museums waiting to be explored. Organised tours enable you to make the most of your time here and ensure that you see the most important sights. Bangkok has a superb range of accommodation with many five star hotels offering a rare level of luxury. Less expensive hotels provide good value and service to those on limited budgets. The choice of eateries is vast and caters for all tastes and pockets. Bangkok nightlife is renowned for its vivacity the world over. When the sun goes down the party begins and continues until dawn. The city is a shopper’s paradise and many people travel to Bangkok purely for the purpose of shopping. Apart from boutiques and stores, there are many markets.

Why Go To Bangkok?

Bangkok is a vibrant and colourful city where life is lived in the fast lane. It is a cultural city with many famous landmarks including the Grand Palace and the Temple with the Emerald Buddha. The markets are a huge attraction even for those with little interest in buying goods.

A Bangkok holiday appeals to couples of all ages. Young adults are attracted by the lively nightlife. The shops and markets will satisfy even the most avaricious shopper.

When To Go To Bangkok

Boasting a tropical climate that has consistent high temperatures year round, Bangkok weather falls into three main seasons; a hot and dry springtime, a wet season from June to October and dry cooler weather which lasts from November to February. Daytime temperatures rarely drop below 30c at any time of the year and can reach highs of 35c during spring.

Bangkok - The Place

Bangkok is a city well endowed with beautiful buildings and open parks. If your time is short make sure you visit the Grand Palace and the Temple of the Emerald Buddha. It is a truly spectacular sight with golden spires and mosaics glittering in the sunshine that date back to the seventeen eighties. The National Museum is another major attraction. Even if you have little interest in the history and culture of Thailand, the buildings are well worth viewing.

Bangkok has a wide range of accommodation with many five star hotels offering high levels of comfort and service. Budget hotels provide good value to those with limited means. The choice of restaurants in Bangkok is vast and, serving dishes from around the world, they accommodate all tastes. If you enjoy Chinese cuisine take a trip to Bangkok’s Chinatown and you will not be disappointed. Bangkok nightlife has a wild reputation with hundreds of bars, clubs and discos partying through the night. Ardent shoppers travel to Bangkok so that they can spend their days moseying round markets, bartering for bargains. Silk products and handmade jewellery are popular purchases. Counterfeit goods are openly sold in the markets so don’t be fooled. If it’s really that cheap, it isn’t a Rolex or a Gucci.

Bangkok is an exciting city offering splendid sights, good hotels, excellent food and an unrivalled nightlife.

Bangkok Nightlife

Bangkok nightlife is renowned for its party atmosphere where music is an important part of the evening entertainment. There is an immense choice of cocktail bars, jazz clubs, discos and nightclubs where the fun begins at dusk and ends at dawn.

Bangkok Shopping

Bangkok has thousands of shops, boutiques, markets and pavement stalls. Even if you have no interest in shopping, the floating market should be on your sightseeing list. Markets offer the opportunity to haggle over prices which are usually highly inflated. Expect to pay no more than half the original asking price. Thai cotton and silk, gem stones and hand crafted jewellery, wooden carvings and Buddha figures make popular gifts and souvenirs.

Bangkok Eating

Bangkok restaurants, cafes and street vendors serve a variety of food from traditional Thai dishes to international cuisine. There are even fast food outlets which include American franchises. Thai food has been influenced by its neighbours China, India and Malaysia and is a delicious blend of herbs and spices. Some dishes can be very hot but on the whole Thai food is deliciously aromatic.