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Arucas Introduction

Arucas lies in the north of Gran Canaria close to the island’s capital, Las Palmas. It has had a long history but was totally destroyed in the fifteenth century and had to be rebuilt. This fertile area is famous for its sugar cane production and its rum industry as well as other crops. The small sweet Canary bananas, which can no longer be exported to this country, are another important crop. Arucas, framed by mountains and nestling in a fertile valley is a very attractive town. The centrepiece of the town, the Church of San Juan Bautista, built on the site of the original church and completed in the twentieth century, draws many visitors to its doors. The coastline of Arucas offers a variety of beaches and small coves and the beach of Las Palmas is nearby.

An Arucas holiday offers year-long sunshine amid stunning scenery in a town with an interesting history. It is a good base for walkers with trails along the valleys and into the hills.

Why Go To Arucas?

Arucas offers relaxation in pleasant surroundings with many historic buildings waiting to be explored. There are bars and restaurants providing good food and evening entertainment to suit all tastes. Being close to the capital visitors can enjoy the relative peace of the town while enjoying the facilities that Las Palmas offers.

Arucas has widespread appeal. It is the ideal holiday for sun lovers, and couples of all ages. It is a good base for walkers

When To Go To Arucas

Arucas is a year round holiday destination having pleasantly hot summers and warm winters. February and March are very pretty months when the trees are in blossom.

Arucas - The Place

Arucas in the North of Gran Canaria is separated from the capital, Las Palmas, by a gorge. Surrounded by hills and fertile valleys, it lies in an area of great natural beauty. The coastline of the area has beaches as well as rocky coves, but many of them are unsuitable for bathing as the waves are heavy and the currents strong.

The town has some outstanding architectural features including the Church of San Juan Bautista which is constructed in the local blue-grey stone, beautifully carved, and with a tower that is sixty metres high. The stained glass windows are another attraction as are the works of art inside the church. The rum factory, the Town Hall and the Cultural Centre are also popular attractions. Sit and rest awhile in the Plaza de San Juan taking time to fully appreciate the architecture. The gardens and house of the Marchise de Arucas are also worth visiting. It is a delightful mix of trees and shrubs with peacocks wandering the paths. A mini train runs through the town dropping visitors at Arucas’s many visitor attractions. A trip to the volcano, Volcan de Aricas, gives stunning views over the town and the whole of the northern coastline.

Arucas has a good range of accommodation catering for most budgets and its restaurants and cafes provide for most tastes. There is a more than adequate number of shops.

There are six golf courses on the island with three in the north and three in the south. The El Cortijo course near Los Palmas is where the Spanish Open was held in 2002.

Many attractions enjoyed by children are found in the south of Gran Canaria including water parks, a Wild West park, Holiday World and a crocodile park.

Arucas Nightlife

Although there are some lively bars, Arucas nightlife is fairly low-key. Evenings are spent wandering the streets enjoying a meal or a drink in one of the many pavement cafes and restaurants. Las Palmas offers a wider range of entertainment where it is possible to party until dawn.

Arucas Shopping

One of the attractions of shopping in Gran Canaria is that goods are virtually tax free and Arucas has a good number of shops and boutiques. The main shopping streets are Calle Leon y Castillo and Calle Francisco Gourie. There is also a Saturday market. Popular souvenirs include items fashioned from local volcanic rock, wood carvings, embroidered linens and lace, leather goods and basket work. Those looking for a wider choice of goods can take a bus to Las Palmas where there appears to be an almost limitless choice.

Arucas Eating

Arucas has some very good restaurants serving a varied menu. Fish features prominently on menus often accompanied by mojo, a spicy pepper salsa and salted potatoes. Traditional cuisine using local produced vegetables ensures you get your ‘five a day’. A good way to sample Spanish food is to order a plate of tapas which consists of a medley of bite-sized dishes. Tapas are also ideal for filling the sometimes long gap between lunch and dinner, which is served later in the Canaries than at home.

Children are always made very welcome in restaurants and their tastes and portion sizes are usually accommodated.