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Argassi Introduction

Argassi is a lively resort on the beautiful island of Zante. It is situated on a bay four kilometres south east of Zante Town, with the magnificent Mount Skopos looming in the background. The transfer time from the airport is thirty minutes. It has a wide variety of accommodation, a broad range of restaurants and a vibrant nightlife. Argassi offers fun filled holidays with sun, beach and water sports by day, and music bars and discos by night.

Why Go To Argassi?

Argassi is a resort with broad appeal. It is spread along a beach one kilometre in length and offers peaceful family oriented areas as well as those that appeal to the young. Being close to Zante Town, it benefits from the many amenities found there. An Argassi holiday offers a guarantee of summer sunshine, clear blue Ionian waters, good food and many recreational activities.

Argassi is popular with a wide range of ages and interests. It appeals to families, particularly those with teenage children who want to spread their wings a little in the evenings and sample some of the entertainment. Those who enjoy a more energetic holiday will be pleased with the variety of water sports offered from the beach. Older couples are attracted by its close proximity to Zante Town.

When To Go To Argassi

The most popular time to visit Argassi is in the summer, although the season extends from Easter to the end of October. The temperature range is from 20 to 30 degrees.

Argassi - The Place

Argassi is a popular resort lying close to Zante Town. The centre of the resort is preferred by young singles as this is the liveliest spot and has the most vibrant nightlife. Families and couples choose the outskirts of Argassi, where holidays can be enjoyed at a less frenetic pace.

Argassi has a long, fairly narrow beach comprised of sand and shingle which shelves gently into the clear blue sea, providing ideal conditions for young children and less confident swimmers. A variety of water sports are offered from the beach including some rather exciting rides.

Argassi has a wide range of hotels, apartments, villas and studios accommodating most budgets. Its restaurants and tavernas are similarly wide-ranging and cater for all tastes from the conservative to the more adventurous palate. Shopping is limited to holiday essentials but Zante Town is on your doorstep so this is of little consequence.

It is worth taking a trip inland to the picturesque villages with their whitewashed houses and fertile vineyards where the authentic spirit of Greece is found. The tavernas here serve good wholesome food and wine.

An Argassi holiday would be incomplete without a trip to Smuggler’s cove. It is the most photographed cove in the whole of Greece with its tall cliffs, golden sands and wrecked ship half-buried in the sand. Although it can be viewed from above, the best place to see it is from out at sea.

Argassi Nightlife

Argassi nightlife caters for most tastes from peaceful romantic evenings to lively partying. The young gather around the bars and discos along the main road running through the resort, whereas families and couples tend to spend their evenings in venues away from the beach front, where there are many atmospheric restaurants serving fine food.

Argassi Shopping

Argassi shopping is limited to essential provisions and the usual gift and souvenir shops. This matters little as Zante Town is almost within walking distance and its maze of streets are filled with shops of every description. Popular souvenirs include leather goods, jewellery, ceramics and embroidered linens.

Argassi Eating

Argassi has a large number of restaurants and tavernas providing a range of delicious food to accommodate most tastes. There are even establishments serving British fare for the less adventurous palate. As in all Greek islands, fish features prominently on menus and locally caught fish, simply cooked, is always satisfying. Moussaka is another Greek favourite made from minced lamb, aubergines and a béchamel sauce. A good way to try traditional food is to order Mezedes, the Greek equivalent of the Spanish tapas, which includes a variety of bite-sized fish, meat and vegetables.

Local wines are inexpensive and very palatable.

Children are always made very welcome in restaurants and their tastes and portion size are usually accommodated.