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Cheap Agios Ioannis Holidays

Agios Ioannis Holidays

Agios Ioannis Introduction

Agios Ioannis is considered to have one of the most beautiful beaches on Mykonos. It lies around a bay surrounded by parched hills, and is made up of long stretches of sand interspersed with small coves. Agios Ioannis looks out across the sea to the sacred island of Delos which is one of the most important historical and archaeological sites in Greece. There is a range of hotels and apartments catering for all budgets and tavernas and restaurants catering for most tastes.

Why Go To Agios Ioannis?

If you are looking for guaranteed summer sun, a soft sandy beach and clear blue sea, an Agios Ioannis holiday is the one for you. There are recreational activities on land and sea, culinary delights and good wine in picturesque settings, and nightlife to suit most tastes. It is no surprise that Agios Ioannis is a popular holiday destination.

Although Agios Ioannis attracts a wide range of people, it is particularly popular with families who wish to enjoy the soft sand and the warm safe bathing. Those with an interest in ancient history come to visit the island of Delos just off the coast of Agios Ioannis.

When To Go To Agios Ioannis

The dry hot summers are the most popular time to visit Agios Ioannis. The island can be fairly windy at this time and this has a tempering effect on the heat.

Agios Ioannis - The Place

Agios Ioannis is five kilometres from Mykonos Town on the south west coast of the island. It is blessed with a wonderful sandy beach and the clearest of blue water. The beach is long and fairly narrow with several small coves. The view from the beach is of the mystical island of Delos which looks particularly impressive at sunset. It is worth taking an excursion to explore the archaeological ruins on Delos where excavations are still ongoing.

Agios Ioannis has many tavernas and restaurants serving a variety of food from traditional island fish dishes to international cuisine. Shopping is rather limited but this matters little as Mykonos Town, with its plethora of shops, is only a short bus ride away.
An Agios Ioannis holiday offers a guarantee of summer sunshine, a wonderful sandy beach and an exciting choice of water sports. The proximity of Mykonos Town provides a wealth of evening entertainment.

Agios Ioannis Nightlife

There are lively venues in Agios Ioannis, some with live music where you can dance until the early hours. The famous nightlife in Mykonos Town is provided by a large number of relaxed bars, discos, and clubs offering a wide and sophisticated range of entertainment. There are many gay bars and clubs. Those seeking more sedate evenings will find many small restaurants and tavernas on the waterfront where peace and tranquillity can be enjoyed

Agios Ioannis Shopping

Shopping in Agios Ioannis is fairly limited with small supermarkets for essential provisions and gift and souvenir shops where you can purchase your holiday mementoes. If you need a greater variety of goods, take a short bus ride to Mykonos Town where the narrow streets overflow with specialist shops and designer boutiques. Popular souvenirs include brightly coloured ceramics, embroidered linens, leather goods and soaps made from olive oil.

Agios Ioannis Eating

Agios Ioannis has a wide range of tavernas, bars, cafes and restaurants serving a variety of food from local dishes to international cuisine. Fish is obviously an important part of an island’s gastronomy and restaurants excel with their menus of fresh ingredients simply cooked. Local wines are pleasant and inexpensive.

Children are always given a warm welcome in restaurants and there tastes and portion sizes are accommodated.