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Afandou Introduction

Afandou lies on the east coast of Rhodes and is one of the largest villages on the island. It is situated a short distance inland, in a fertile area surrounded by olive groves, twenty-two kilometres from Rhodes Town and five kilometres from Faliraki. Afandou has a long history and until the tenth century most villagers lived near the shore. At that time there were regular attacks by pirates and because of this the village was moved inland where it wasn’t visible from the sea. The name ‘Afandou’ derives from the word ‘afondos’ which means invisible. Afandou has a pebbly beach mixed with sand and shingle and offers good bathing as well as water sports. The town has numerous bars, restaurants and tavernas providing a wide range of cuisine and there are a good number of shops. An Afandou holiday offers a relaxing break in a charming traditional village.

Why Go To Afandou?

An Afandou holiday offers glorious sunshine, a mixture of sand, shingle and pebble beach, translucent waters and water sports, all enjoyed in a traditional island atmosphere. It has an excellent range of hotels and apartments accommodating most budgets. Adfandou benefits from having the only golf course on the island.

Afandou is popular with a wide range of interests and ages. Families and couples enjoy the relaxed atmosphere of the town and its pleasant beach. Young people who are looking for relaxation by day followed by lively evenings will benefit from Afandou’s close proximity to Faliraki, famous for its all night partying.

When To Go To Afandou

The most popular time to visit Afandou is in the summer, although the season does extend from March to November, when the temperature range is from twenty to thirty degrees.

Afandou - The Place

Afandou, hidden from the shore on the east coast of Rhodes, is only twenty two kilometres from Rhodes Town. It is a large village, having a permanent population of over seven thousand residents, which lies in a green fertile area surrounded by vineyards and olive groves. Afandou has a good range of accommodation within the town as well as on the outskirts nearer to the beach. There are tavernas and restaurants catering for all tastes and a good variety of shops. The main square in Afandou has a charming church as well as pavement cafes and tavernas. A small road train runs through the summer months taking you from the village down to the sea front. On the way to the beach you will pass the church of Our Lady Katholiki which has wall paintings dating from the seventeenth century.

The beach is long and made of sand, shingle and pebbles. It shelves gently into the clear waters of the Mediterranean providing safe bathing for children and less confident swimmers. The water offers good conditions for a variety of water sports. Mike’s Water Sports include banana rides, jet skiing, water skiing and ringos. The waters also provide perfect conditions for snorkelling and scuba diving.

The only golf played on Rhodes is at the eighteen hole course at Afandou.

A local bus travels to Rhodes Town which is well worth visiting. The Castle of the Knights of St. John is one of the finest examples of Crusader military architecture in the world. Once within the walls of the town explore the towers and the narrow cobbled streets with their bazaars and market stalls.

An Afandou holiday offers a relaxing break in a picturesque town with excellent beach facilities, guaranteed summer sun and a good range of restaurants and tavernas.

Afandou Nightlife

The larger hotels in Afandou provide evening entertainment which is open to the public. There are also a number of lively bars, clubs and tavernas where you can enjoy an evening of music. There are many romantic spots where you can dine under the stars in an atmosphere of peaceful serenity. Those looking for wilder evenings can take a short taxi ride to neighbouring Faliraki where the nightlife is famed for its brash vivacity.

Afandou Shopping

Afandou has a good number of shops providing for all your holiday needs. There are many gift and souvenir shops where you can purchase your holiday mementoes. Afandou is noted for its carpets and rugs. A short bus ride to Rhodes Town will take serious shoppers on a spree. The medieval quarter has a large range of shops selling everything from sunglasses to clothing and from handicrafts to jewellery. Among the local crafts are ceramics, leather goods, jewellery, embroidered linens and hand woven rugs.

Afandou Eating

Afandou has a wide range of restaurants, tavernas and bars serving a variety of cuisine that caters for most tastes. Being on an island, fish plays an important part in the diet and small fried fish, shellfish and kalimari are firm favourites. Lamb and chicken are used most commonly in meat dishes. Local wines are easy on the palate as well as the purse. Fast food stalls such as Souvlatzidiki sell takeaway souvlakis, a type of kebab. For a more substantial snack these are sometimes wrapped in pita bread and called gyros.

Eating in Rhodes is meant to be an unhurried pleasure, so please don’t mistake the relaxed attitude of waiters for tardy service.