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Cheap Acharavi Holidays

Acharavi Holidays

Acharavi Introduction

Acharavi is found on the northern coast of Corfu, forty kilometres north of Corfu Town with a transfer time of roughly one hour. Acharavi is a popular family resort set back from the beach which is comprised of sand and shingle. Acharavi has a range of tavernas and restaurants serving a variety of food and shops catering for holiday needs. Acharavi holidays are very popular with British tourists and many make repeated visits.

Why Go To Acharavi?

Acharavi claims to have something for everyone from a good beach to a comprehensive shopping centre with plenty of bars, tavernas and restaurants. The scenery around Acharavi is stunning with the forested slopes of Mount Pandokrator in the distance. There are many walking trails into the hills making Acharavi a good base for hikers.

Acharavi is essentially a family resort which also attracts couples of all ages. It is popular with walkers especially in early and late season when the summer sun is not so fierce.

When To Go To Acharavi

The Acharavi holiday season extends from Easter until October, the most popular time being in the summer when the temperatures rise from the low twenties to the mid thirties. Those taking walking holidays usually prefer early or late season in order to avoid the hottest time of year.

Acharavi - The Place

Acharavi, on the northern coast of Corfu, is a very popular resort with British holidaymakers where many visitors return year on year. Rather than endue the coach transfers from the airport, visitors delight in the stunning scenery as they pass through the mountains and charming villages barely touched by tourism.

Since Acharavi is the main town on the north coast, it has facilities that are sometimes lacking in smaller resorts such as doctors and dentists, banks, a post office and a good variety of shops.

Set back from the coast, Acharavi has several small roads leading down to the sand and shingle beach. The beach slopes very gently into the clear waters of the Ionian Sea giving a large expanse of shallow water, ideal for children and weak swimmers. The water sports centre provides ringo rides, jet skiing and para-sailing. The Hydropolis Water Park offers fun for adults as well as children. There are four giant slides including the ‘Free Fall’ which is not for the faint hearted. The park has lots of attractions for children including a small petting zoo, and also has sports facilities.

Acharavi has a wide variety of tavernas and restaurants which cater for all tastes. There are many bars offering a variety of entertainment and an eclectic mix of music.
Walkers will enjoy the trails along the shore line and into the hills above the town.

An Acharavi holiday offers a relaxing break with equal measures of sun, sand and sea by day and a choice of entertainment by night.

Acharavi Nightlife

Acharavi nightlife is fairly relaxed with music bars and only one nightclub. Although these venues are open until the early hours, Acharavi is a quiet resort where the volume of music is not intrusive. There are many restaurants where you can enjoy a romantic meal under the stars.

Acharavi Shopping

Acharavi has a good number of shops and supermarkets serving a variety of goods. There are some excellent craft and gift shops where you can find your holiday mementoes. Popular buys are leather goods, items made from olive wood, handmade lace and embroidered linens. Brightly painted ceramics are also in demand. Jewellers in Corfu are noted for their production of silver and gold jewellery and fine items can be found in Acharavi.

Acharavi Eating

There are a good number of bars and tavernas serving a variety of menus and catering for most tastes. Many tavernas serve traditional food and being an island, fish features prominently on all menus. Popular dishes are small fried fish, shellfish and kalamari.

If you wish to sample local cuisine, try a plate of tapas, where you are given small portions of a variety of dishes. A delicious dish is ‘pastitsada’, a Corfiot lasagne with layers of meat, tomato, herbs and spices, pasta and béchamel sauce. Tempting snacks in the form of souvlakis, a type of kebab, are sold from fast food stalls. For a more substantial snack these are sometimes wrapped in pita bread and called gyros.

Local wines are easy on the palate as well as the purse.
Eating in Corfu is meant to be a pleasure and is not to be rushed. Waiters will not hover over you waiting to remove plates. Don’t mistake this for tardy service.