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Cheap Skanes Holidays

Cheap Skanes Holidays

Find information on Skanes in our Travel Guide covering sights, foods and nightlife plus more...

Skanes Introduction

Skanes is located south of Sousse, very close to Monastir on the Mediterranean coast of Tunisia. It is a modern seaside resort with long swathes of white sand washed by clear blue waters. A range of water sports are offered including sailing, fishing, diving and jet skiing. Golfers have a choice of two eighteen hole courses and there are also tennis courts and a mini golf course. Skanes has hotels and apartments to accommodate all budgets. Its restaurants serve a variety of menu from traditional fare to international cuisine and cater for most tastes. The souks of Monastir, of which Skanes is a suburb, are filled with shops and bazaars selling a wide range of hand-crafted goods, ideal for gifts and souvenirs. The resort enjoys almost year round sunshine and is a very popular destination for those seeking a break from the dark, dreary days that typify the Northern European winter. A Skanes holiday offers relaxing days on sunny beaches, washed by the warm, clear Mediterranean with a range of recreational facilities both in and out of the water.

Why Go To Skanes?

Skanes holidays guarantee sunny days relaxing on soft sandy beaches lapped by warm clear water. They offer many recreational facilities on land and sea, good hotels and restaurants and excellent shopping.

Skanes has broad appeal offering families wonderful sandy beaches and warm water. Sun seekers looking for winter warmth and aqua sport enthusiasts will not be disappointed. Golfers have a choice of two eighteen hole courses.

When To Go To Skanes

Skanes is a year round holiday destination with hot summers and mild winters. Summer temperatures average thirty three degrees and in the winter temperatures rarely drop below eighteen degrees.

Skanes - The Place

Skanes, a suburb of Monastir, is a popular resort south of Sousse on Tunisia’s Mediterranean coastline where holidaymakers come to relax on sandy beaches and bathe in warm, translucent waters. A Skanes holiday is ideal for those who wish to combine proximity to the sea with an authentic Tunisian experience found in Monastir.

Skanes main attraction is the fine, white sand that stretches almost as far as the eye can see. Shelving gently into the sea it offers safe bathing for youngsters and weak swimmers. A wide range of water sports include sailing and fishing, diving and snorkelling, surfing and jet skiing. Golfers have a choice of two excellent courses, the Flamingo and the Palm Links clubs. Other recreational activities include mini golf, tennis and bowling.

Skanes offers a range of accommodation with its hotels and apartments catering for most budgets. Many hotels have waterfront locations with private beaches. The palm lined streets, the gleaming white buildings and the hotels’ beautiful grounds and gardens combine to make Skanes an attractive resort. Its restaurants serve a variety of menu from traditional fish and meat dishes to international cuisine. Although there are a few lively venues, nightlife is fairly relaxed, reflecting the resort’s popularity with families and couples. A road train links the beach area of Skanes to the centre of Monastir. Shopping in the souks of Monastir is a fascinating experience where craftsmen make and peddle their wares, and bartering is the order of the day.

Monastir is an ancient town and has some fine old buildings and archaeological remains. A trading post in Roman times, there are sites from that era. The Ribat, or fortress dating from the nine hundreds has been restored and if it appears familiar it may be because it has been used as a set in films. The mausoleum of Habib Bourgiba, the country’s first president, is also an impressive building.

A Skanes holiday can be as relaxing or as active as you wish. Its acres of sand, wonderful pools, water sports, golf courses, and sightseeing opportunities keep everyone happy.

Skanes Nightlife

Skanes nightlife is fairly low key with hotels providing much of the evening entertainment. Live shows are popular and the larger hotels have nightclubs.

Skanes Shopping

Skanes has a modern shopping centre providing all holiday essentials. Tunisia is a souvenir hunter’s paradise and the souks of Monastir are filled with craftsmen and women making and selling their wares. These include pottery and ceramics, carpets, baskets and leather goods to name but a few. The richness of olive wood is shown to good effect in the carved bowls, kitchen utensils and even in jewellery items. Except for the more formal shops where prices are controlled, bartering is a way of life to be enjoyed by both the seller and the customer.

Skanes Eating

Although the majority of holidaymakers eat in their hotels, there are still a number of restaurants in Skanes and many more in Monastir serving a variety of cuisine and catering for most tastes. Fish of course is a prominent feature on menus, always fresh and tasty. Cous cous is the national dish and this is combined with meat, fish or vegetables and spices. A popular fast food is called ‘brik’ which is filo pastry filled with egg and vegetables or meat and then deep fried.

Local wines are good and reasonably priced. Drink only bottled water and check that the cap is sealed.