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Cheap Colonia Sant Jordi Holidays

Colonia Sant Jordi holidays take you to a small resort on the south east coast of Majorca. It is a very pleasant and peaceful spot having escaped the fate of some of over-development that is suffered by some of the larger and more popular tourist centres. Colonia Sant Jordi has it own small sandy beach as well as a further three wonderful expanses of sand further round the headland. If you are seeking a relaxing break with a guarantee of summer sun, in a relaxed resort with a traditional atmosphere, a Colonia Sant Jordi holidays may be just the ticket.

Why go to Colonia Sant Jordi?

Colonia Sant Jordi holidays take you to an old fishing village that still has a working harbour. It is a resort that offers a retreat from the stresses of twenty-first century living, where the pace of life is slow and the people are warm and friendly. A comfortable selection of accommodation is available, restaurants serve a variety of cuisine and shopping is adequate.


Who is Colonia Sant Jordi popular with?

Colonia Sant Jordi is popular with families and couples looking for a pleasant resort where they can relax in the sun. The sandy beach is a particular attraction for those with young children.


When to go to Colonia Sant Jordi

Colonia Sant Jordi holidays can be taken taken from April to October with temperatures rising from twenty to low thirties at the height of the season.


Colonia Sant Jordi - The place

Colonia Sant Jordi has a resident population whose numbers swell during the summer season without spoiling the traditional atmosphere of the resort. This small enclave in the south east of Majorca has much to recommend it. It is a good choice for those seeking a relaxing resort where the essential sun, sea and sand are found in abundance. If one beach is insufficient, Es Dolc can be reached by crossing the headland, while Es Trenc and Sa Rapita are a little further afield. Framed by pine trees and comprising of fine white sand you could imagine you were on a tropical beach, rather than on a Mediterranean island.

Although Coloni Sant Jordi is small, it has a range of accommodation providing for most budgets, restaurants to satisfy most tastes, and has shops for holiday essentials. The main tourist attraction in the area is the botanical garden which is said to be the largest in Europe.

Since Coloni Sant Jordi is fairly isolated, in order to make the most of your holiday car hire is recommended.


Colonia Sant Jordi nightlife

Colonia Sant Jordi nightlife is fairly low key reflecting the resort's popularity with families and couples. The area around the marina appears to be the hub of activity after dark. Evenings are spent ambling through the streets enjoying a meal and a drink under the stars.


Colonia Sant Jordi shopping

Colonia Sant Jordi shopping adequately supplies your holiday essentials. There is also a weekly market. There are other larger markets in the area and you'll find the best one on the island at Felanitx. If you are looking for gifts and souvenirs and you enjoy haggling over prices, this is the place to go. Popular purchases include local pottery and glass, leather goods, embroidered linens, basketry and jewellery.


Colonia Sant Jordi Eating

Being a small resort, restaurants in Colonia Sant Jordi are limited. They nevertheless provide a good range of food and cater for most palates. If you are new to the flavours of Spain, order tapas and you'll receive a variety of tasty, bite sized morsels. They are useful if you wish to stave off hunger during the sometimes long gap between lunch and dinner. Local wines are as pleasing to the pocket as they are to the palate. Children are always welcome customers and their taste and portion sizes are usually accommodated.

Things to do in Colonia Sant Jordi

Colonia Sant Jordi activities centre the beach. There is a daily boat trip to a small unpopulated island off the coast. The waters around Cabrera, as it is called, offer great conditions for diving and snorkelling. The Botanicactus garden can be reached by car. It is an amazing place with a prize exhibit of a three centuries old cactus. It also has a large lake.

Since Majorca is a small island visitors can enjoy all of its attractions including a safari park, a wooden maze that becomes very scary after dark, a bird sanctuary, stables for horse riding, cycle hire, a go-kart track and the Fantasia mini golf at Palmanova, to name but a few. While local buses offer a fairly good service, if you wish to explore the island fully, including its more remote parts, car hire is recommended.

A wide range of excursions can be enjoyed by couples. One of the most popular is the Soller and La Colobra island tour. This includes a coach journey into spectacular mountain scenery, a boat trip along the rugged western coastline followed by journeys on the Soller tram and the old, wooden Soller Train. The Soller Botanical Gardens at Camp D'En Prohom, terraced gardens where many rare and endangered species are grown is also worth a visit.

The historic town of Palma with its impressive Gothic Cathedral, its fine buildings and museums, and its multitude of specialist stores and fashion boutiques, makes a welcome change from the beach and most couples make time for a visit. It offers plenty of opportunities for buying your holiday gifts and souvenirs. The markets of the island have great appeal with the one in Felanitx said to be the best. Visitors may also wish to tour the pearl factory in Manacor where jewellery can be purchased. The east coast has the spectacular Caves of Drach and also the Caves of Ham. The caves are well worth seeing as the caverns and enormous stalactites and stalagmites are dramatically illuminated.

Majorca also has many pretty inland villages where the pace of life has remained unchanged for decades. One of most charming is Valldemosa, which is the highest on the island and certainly one of the most picturesque. Be sure to visit its thirteenth century monastery. Deia, framed by the Tramuntana mountains, is another beautiful and traditional village that should not be missed.