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Cheap Germany Holidays

Germany is a very unique place to visit with many different cultures and plenty things to see and do. Learn more about Germany in our in-depth Germany holidays travel guide. ULookUBook make it easy to find and book a Germany holiday.

Germany Introduction

Germany is a large country in Central Europe. It has a North Sea coastline and borders, among others, Poland to the east, France to the west and Austria to the south.

It is a country that offers a wide variety of scenery from stunning mountain ranges to river plains and lakes. Its cities contain many architectural delights that span the centuries from well preserved medieval buildings to the modern structures of Berlin’s Potsdamer Platz.

Why Go To Germany?

A Germany holiday has so much to offer visitors that it caters for all ages and interests. It has castles and palaces, museums and galleries, theme parks and zoos, and mountains and lakes. There are shops and markets galore, enough to satisfy the most ardent of shoppers. Evening entertainment ranges from romantic chic to throbbing nightclubs.

The Oktoberfest, which is actually in September, takes place in Munich and is a beer festival. During this time you can eat, drink and be entertained by live music for days on end.

In winter, there is skiing and snowboarding in the Alps.

Germany holidays are so varied that they attract all age groups and appeal to all interests. Those interested in the architecture and culture of Germany will find city breaks are the perfect way to explore the magnificent churches, museums and monuments found its great towns and cities. Families with children will find a large number of theme parks as well as a range of child- centred pursuits.

Music lovers will want to travel to Germany in late July for the Richard Wagner Festival in Bayreuth.

When To Go To Germany?

The climate in Germany varies according to region. The north and north-west has fairly mild winters and often cool summers. The winters in the east can be very cold and the summers hot with little rain. Central and southern Germany has a mixture of both climates. Most people choose the summer months to take a Germany holiday but city breaks can be enjoyed at any time of year. Towards the end of November and in December many people go to enjoy the atmospheric Christmas markets.

Germany - The Place

Book a Germany holiday and you can choose relaxation or exertion, culture or the excitement of theme parks, rural beauty or magnificent cities. The numerous castles that dot the enchanting landscape can provide some spectacular views and are some of Germany’s greatest tourist attractions. From walking in the wooded hills to screaming on a rollercoaster, or from admiring the range of architecture to searching for bargains on a market stall, the choice is yours.

Germany is a country where public transport is clean and reliable making travelling a pleasure. Punctuality is highly prized virtue.

Explore the many wonderful castles, especially in Bavaria, or the palaces in the cities. Every large city has a number of excellent museums many with interactive displays for children.

Theme Parks are dotted around the country offering fun and excitement for all the family. These include Hollywood Germany in the Rhur region and Legoland near Munich. Germany also has a number of Zoos and botanical gardens.

Germany Culture

Germany is a very formal and structured society where rules and regulations are valued as they give security and order to one’s life. Punctuality is especially important as this shows respect for another’s time. It is almost as bad to arrive early as to arrive late.

Germany Nightlife

Germany has nightlife to suit all tastes from chic restaurants to beer cellars and from opera houses to karaoke bars. The large cities have excellent bars, clubs and restaurants where partygoers can dance through the night.

Germany Shopping

Shopping in Germany, whether in city, small town or village is always a positive experience. This large country has over four hundred malls containing a mix of department stores, boutiques, specialist shops, restaurants and cafes. Many towns have improved the environment by pedestrianising the shopping area. Different regions produce handcrafted goods including lederhosen, glass, wood carvings, toys, pewter and silver jewellery.

Germany is famous for its Christmas markets having over two thousand five hundred each year. Many people, timing their visit to coincide with these, travel to Germany in November and December.

Germany Eating

Germany has a wide range of restaurants catering for all tastes. Traditional food is largely meat based and pot-roasted. Sausages are particularly popular and there are hundreds of varieties made from all kinds of meat with herbs and spices. Freshwater fish has become more popular since the restocking of the rivers after the reduction of pollution.

The large cities offer a wide range of cuisine from fast foods, which are the same the world over, through cafes and bistros serving traditional fare, to restaurants providing international dishes. Service in Germany is generally excellent and hygiene standards are high.

Beer is the most commonly drunk alcoholic beverage and there are hundreds of brewers producing a huge variety of pils, lagers and beers. Germany is also a large wine producer with Reisling being the most famous of the many varieties.

Local Germany Customs

Germans are a formal people where titles are important as they indicate respect. First names should not be used unless invited to do so. A greeting involves shaking hands and when meeting a group of people you should shake hands with everyone, including children. A general hello is insufficient.